Can We Save the Great American Cop Show? 5 Ways To Do It

Can We Save "The Great American Cop Show"? 5 Ways It's Still Possible

The police procedural or cop show has been a staple of the medium ever since the invention of television In this new era where we are demanding we Defund the Police, what does that portend for literally dozens of cop shows in production? Or is this a genre that can't, or perhaps shouldn't, be saved?[...]

5 More Pride Items to Show Your Wrath This Month

Is It Time For Television to Abolish the Police Show?

The May 25 video-recorded killing of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis re-awakened a protest movement across America In addition to fighting institutionalized racism and police brutality, the #BlackLivesMatter movement demands that we rethink the role of police in our society Racism, discrimination, and violence against minorities have long been a shameful reality[...]

Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Image: NBCUniversal)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Terry Crews Says 4 Season 8 Eps Now Scrapped

Conversations about and protests against police brutality and systemic racism resulting from the killing of George Floyd continue across the country and around the world, requiring "police series" such as NBC's long-running comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine to take a long, hard look at how they portray law enforcement Speaking to Access on Tuesday, star Terry Crews[...]

The Rookie (ABC/Christopher Willard)

The Rookie Season 3 Set to Address Police Brutality, Policing Issues

In light of the killing of George Floyd and the worldwide protests over police brutality and racism, broadcast networks, cablers, and streaming services are having to take a long and critical look at how the police, police work, and community interactions are being portrayed With ABC's The Rookie set to return for a third season[...]

Eric Andre in his new stand-up special "Legalize Everything" (Image: Netflix)

Eric Andre Has a Problem with COPS and It Starts with the Theme Song

In the segment you're about to see, Andre brings to light a disturbingly inappropriate irony when it comes to the show's popular theme song,  Inner City’s “Bad Boys”:https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=UYjof4V7MyY&feature=emb_logo "Is it just me or is reggae the most inappropriate music they could have picked to open the show Cops…You can’t slap reggae over police brutality footage and[...]

Live PD logo (Image: A&E)

A&E Cancels Live PD in Light of Ongoing Police Brutality Protests

The other police show dropped on Wednesday, with A&E announcing that it was canceling its highly-rated police reality series Live PD in light of the killing of George Floyd by four Minnesota police officers and the global protests against police brutality that resulted The cable network and series producer Big Fish Entertainment made the decision,[...]

Cops Season 33 Canceled by Paramount, Ending 6-Year Run at Network

In light of continued protests against police brutality following the killing of George Floyd by four Minnesota police officers, Paramount Network made the decision last Friday to postpone the 33rd season premiere of long-running reality series Cops (airing Ghostbusters in its Monday, June 8 timeslot instead) At the time of the announcement, the network didn't have[...]

LAS VEGAS - APR 15: Drew Brees at the Academy of Country Music Awards 2018 at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 15, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV (Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

Drew Brees to Donald Trump: Stop Using U.S. Flag to "Distract," Divide

We must stop talking about the flag and shift our attention to the real issues of systemic racial injustice, economic oppression, police brutality, and judicial & prison reform We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history! If not now, then when? We as a white community need to listen and learn from the[...]

The logos for Live PD (from A&E) and Cops (from Paramount Network).

Live PD Scrapped This Weekend by A&E; Cops Season 33 Premiere Shelved

With protests against police brutality following the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers still continuing across the country and around the globe, A&E has made the decision to shelve new episodes of Live PD that were scheduled for Friday, June 5, and Saturday, June 6 (Live Rescue will air instead) In addition, Paramount[...]

LEGO Requests Stores Pull White House, Police, & More From Marketing

LEGO Requests Stores Pull White House, Police, & More From Marketing

With the country seeing protests in almost every major city, many of which have seen police brutality and tactics that have gone public across the internet, it only makes sense that LEGO does not want their products or anyone associated with their toys to become a target So the request to have advertising and marketing[...]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Donates $100,000 for Gregory Floyd Protests Fund

The cast and showrunner behind NBC's hit cop comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine have stepped up to show their support for protests taking place across the country in response to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police On Tuesday evening, cast members including Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Andre Braugher, and others, as well as showrunner[...]

Shemar Moore as Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson in S.W.A.T., image courtesy of ViacomCBS.

So Is S.W.A.T. Too Pro-Cop for Our Current Mood?

In the wake of nationwide protests against the killing of George Floyd and the kind of institutional racism in the police force that enables that to happen, Hollywood is forced to do some serious soul-searching, especially the producers of cop shows Because of public anger at the police, shows like S.W.A.T suddenly don't have the[...]

Comics People Respond To.... America

Comics Folk Respond To What's Happening in America Right Now

The United States of America is experiencing protests across its cities after George Floyd, an unarmed black man was killed under restraint by police Protest has been peaceful in some places, and turned violent in others, often the reaction of the police seems to have informed that, and there are also allegations of bad actors[...]

Marvel Comics' Christian Cooper In Central Park Racial Confrontation

Marvel Comics' Christian Cooper In Central Park Racial Confrontation

He also filmed the encounter.On the video, the woman, identified as Amy Cooper (no relation), a VP at Franklin Templeton Investments (FTI), refused, tells Christian to stop filming her and her dog and threatens that she will call the police to tell them that an African-American is threatening her She then proceeds to do just[...]

"The Rookie" Season 2 Tweet - ABC Acts Like They Are New At This

"The Rookie": eOne Afton Williamson Harassment Investigation Clears Accused [OPINION]

The company that produces ABC's The Rookie has released the highly-anticipated results of their investigation into the racial and sexual harassment claims of former star Afton Williamson. On Tuesday, Entertainment One (eOne) released a statement claiming that an "independent investigation" has cleared the individuals accused by Williamson, as well as the Executive Producers, of any wrongdoing. […]

the rookie

"The Rookie" SHOCKS With Season 2 Guest Star Announcement

ABC's The Rookie used the last twenty-four hours to put their fans through an emotional rollercoaster. At about 3 p.m. EDT Sunday afternoon, the show's official Twitter account posted a countdown clock promising a "big announcement" on Monday afternoon. The countdown – which featured Nathan Fillion's floating head – told fans to expect big news at […]