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Cover image for ZAWA #1 (OF 5) CVR A DIALYNAS
Anderson, Duncan makes a fateful decision, Leto faces an unthinkable tragedy, and Kailea is backed into a corner-with only one way out of damning accusations. Meanwhile, Rabban makes a rage-inducing discovery that could only lead to murder, while Liet forms an unconventional yet fateful family, and Duncan and Leto reunite in time for Leto to face[...]
Something Is Killing The Children Returns In November
As Bleeding Cool has previously reported, the first issues of new SIKTC story arcs tend to dominate sales charts as new readers who have discovered the series through collections jump onto the single issues It happened with issue #16 and #21, will history repeat itself with issue #26 next month? Mind you, it will be difficult[...]
Lee Garbett’s SIKTC Slaughter Pack Covers Spells It Out For Fans
The SIKTC phenomenon that is the Eisner Award-winning Something Is Killing The Children continues to roll on and on James Tynion IV and Werther Dell'Edera's franchise recently hit 25 issues with the milestone issue selling out and going to a second printing the week after release And while the main series is taking a break[...]
A Secret Something Is Killing The Children Comic Is Published Tomorrow
The return of Erica Slaughter in 2022 with issue #21 was already poised to be one of the most anticipated releases of the first half of the year, and doubly so after massive launch of House of Slaughter #1, but a rare secret ashcan is likely to send SIKTC collectors into a frenzy. As we understand[...]
Speculator Corner: Basilisk #1 Second Printing Has Erica Slaughter
George (the other name the Slaughters go by in the series)? And how does it relate to the current storyline that kicked off in the top-selling Something Is Killing The Children #16, Me And My Monster revealing the origin of Erica Slaughter? Speculator Corner: Basilisk #1 Second Printing Has Erica Slaughter Content We've already seen that Big[...]
Something Is Killing The Back Issue Market
There's been no movie or TV show for Something Is Killing the Children… yet. But SIKTC can't be contained by even the $1,000 price barrier Sixth print copies of #1 go for $1,100, while the 1-in-25 variant on #8 commands even bigger dollars at $1,300, and the Black Cape exclusive edition of #1 tops those with[...]