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Well, it would appear that "Star Wars" universe series Skeleton Crew will be boldly going where no other streaming series has gone before (I know…) Yup, to California- except the streaming series has also received $20.9 million in tax subsidies from the state Set during "the post–'Return of the Jedi' reconstruction that follows the fall[...]
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Except we can now call "Grammar Rodeo" by its official title- Star Wars: Skeleton Crew The series is set during "the post–'Return of the Jedi' reconstruction that follows the fall of the Empire" (much in line with The Mandalorian) The project stems from director Jon Watts and writer Chris Ford's (Spider-Man: Homecoming) and has been[...]
Multiplayer Brawler Title Skeleton Crew Coming To PC In June
Developer Cinder Cone and publisher Modern Wolf announced that their multiplayer brawler Skeleton Crew will be released in June The game has a bit of a throwback feeling to Ghosts 'N Goblins, as you'll be making your way across haunted levels with all sorts of creates that go bump in the night trying to stop[...]
Olija Makes Its Debut During The Devolver Direct Event
During the Devolver Direct livestream, Skeleton crew and Devlover Digital debuted a new game to check out called Olija As you might suspect, the game kind of came out of nowhere as the event itself is there to make fun of the industry as a whole and give little regard to anyone who takes it[...]