Asuka and Mandy Rose Have One of Their Best Matches Yet on SmackDown Live

Honestly, give it up to Mandy Rose. Since climbing the ranks, she's really made a name for herself. She's a capable superstar, and last night she had a one-on-one with Asuka — who is still one of the hardest women to beat on the roster.

As Asuka was walking to the ring, however, Sonya Deville attacked Asuka from behind in an attempt to give Rose a leg up. And truthfully, for a while, Rose was kicking ass. Even when Asuka got her momentum back, Rose was relentless. Rose was on some serious offense and defense, and there were a few times where it looked like Asuka couldn't get a hold of Rose.

That's not to say Asuka wasn't great either — she was. Her character has becoming much more interesting since her loss, and I am all the more grateful for it. In the end, Asuka got Rose in the Asuka Lock, forcing Rose to tap out. Excellent work, ladies. This was probably the best match of the evening.

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