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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary
We are elated to share the THEATRICAL release trailer and news for Ira Steven Behr's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary, What We Left Behind. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Trailer: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Documentary – What We Left Behind ( Just last month, it was announced that SHOUT! Factory had picked up[...]
Ira Steven Behr Shares 'Deep Space Nine' Doc Update, First HD Clip
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine paved the way for many a space drama It remains my personal favorite of the Trek series, mostly in part due to the strong as hell female characters and the script work throughout the series Sure, some things get bogged down in the first season (you know, like ALL Star Trek)-[...]
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary
The third TV series in the Star Trek lexicon, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, gets its fair share of hate. DS9 first aired back in 1993, and did ultimately change Trek for the better As a female Star Trek fan, there was something really awesome about having well-rounded and capable characters in positions of power, who weren't just[...]