Stumptown's Artist Matthew Southworth Launches New Comic in 2020, "Cloven"

Stumptown is a TV crime series that debuted on ABC this year, based on the comic book series of the same name, created by Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth, and Justin Greenwood, and adapted for television by writer-producer Jason Richman.Well, the artist of the original series, Matthew Southworth, has a brand new full-colour comics project to[...]

Stumptown’s Premiere in “Stumptown”, the new Oni TV Series debuts at RCCC

"Stumptown" Cast Talk Spandex, Show's Diversity & Great Food

Following the Stumptown premiere at Rose City Comic-Con (RCCC), the audience was treated to a rare Q&A with creator Greg Rucka, executive producers Jason Richmond and Matt Olmsted, and most of the cast - including Tantoo Cardinal, Cole Sibus, Adrian Martinez, Camryn Manheim, and Michael Ealy Rucka took the stage first, to thunderous applause, followed[...]


'Stumptown': New Girl's Jake Johnson Joins Cobie Smulders ABC Series

the World, SMILF), Jake Johnson (New Girl) is set to join Cobie Smulders (Avengers: Endgame) in ABC's new series Stumptown From writer Jason Richman, Ruben Fleischer, and ABC Studios and based on Oni Press' graphic novel series from writer Greg Rucka and illustrators Matthew Southworth and Justin Greenwood, the series centers on strong, assertive, and[...]

'Stumptown': Recast Mark Webber Trashes "Degrading" Process, Claims He Was "Not Handsome Enough" for Role

ABC gave an official series order for Untitled Cobie Smulders (aka Stumptown), a drama series from writer Jason Richman, Ruben Fleischer, and ABC Studios that's based on the Oni Press graphic novel series from writer Greg Rucka and illustrators Matthew Southworth and Justin Greenwood. The series centers on strong, assertive, and unapologetically sharp-witted Army veteran (Cobie Smulders, Avengers: Endgame) who works as a private investigator in Portland,[...]

ABC Signs Mark Webber and Michael Ealy to Smulder-ing 'Stumptown' Pilot

Jason Richman's Stumptown pilot for ABC has added Mark Webber (Green Room) and Michael Ealy (Secrets and Lies) as leads opposite the already cast Cobie Smulders.Ealy joins Stumptown as Milles Hoffman, a Portland Police Department detective who is on the hunt for an escaped convict, who might be visiting Webber's character sooner than later.Webber plays[...]

'Stumptown': Avengers Co-Star Cobie Smulders Leads ABC Graphic Novel Adapt

Looks like Avengers: Infinity War co-star Cobie Smulders is trading super-heroics for some very real world do-gooding, returning to network television in the lead role of ABC's Stumptown, a drama pilot from writer Jason Richman, Ruben Fleischer, and ABC Studios Based on the Oni Press graphic novel series from writer Greg Rucka and illustrators Matthew Southworth and[...]

Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Futures End To Death Of Wolverine, Annihilator, Prometheus: Fire And Stone, Lazarus, And East Of West

Tell us below!Time stamps for this episode:04:55 Batgirl: Futures End #105:12 Batman: Futures End #105:24 Birds of Prey: Futures End #105:39 Constantine: Futures End #105:55 Green Lantern Corps: Futures End #106:07 Infinity Man and The Forever People: Futures End #106:21 Justice League United: Futures End #106:48 New Suicide Squad: Futures End #106:55 Superboy: Futures End[...]

Thirteen New Oni Comics Over The Next Year – The Life After, I Was The Cat, The People Inside, Sixth Gun, Meteor Man, Mermim Book, Stumptown, Brides Of Helheim, Hellbreak, Ciudad, Orphan Blade, Junior Braves Of The Apocalypse, Ares & Aphrodite

And there are enemies lurking in the seedier depths of Mer, who’ve got their sights set not only on Mermin, but on Pete and his friends!STUMPTOWN September 2014Dex Parios is back in action and she’s sticking around! This September, Portland’s favorite beleaguered P.I stars in a brand-new, ongoing Stumptown series written by Greg Rucka and illustrated[...]

What Creators Really Get Out Of Cons – The Devastator Survey Numbers Are In

The Comedy Comics Magazine The Devastator ran a poll among indie comics creators to learn what their needs are when it comes to conventions and shows in an effort to help make those shows more welcoming for creator-owned projects. The wide array of shows that the survey ended up reporting on is truly impressive, including […]

The Oni Press RevoluONIze Comics Panel

It is going to be released in a completely new format, which will be announced in a couple of weeks.Finally, I asked whether we might be getting more Stumptown James Lucas Jones said there will be more in 2014 and that 2014 will be a big Greg Rucka year at Oni. Joshua Stone writes for[...]

Review: Stumptown #1 – Volume 2

Mark Robert Bourne writes for Bleeding Cool!Credits: Greg Rucka – Writer Matthew Southworth – Artist Rico Renzi – Colorist James Lucas Jones – EditorThe truth is Greg Rucka is one of the finest Crime writer’s out there and the Stumptown series has proven this without a doubt I totally enjoyed his run on DC’s Gotham Central from back in[...]

Stumptown Swag: New Indie and Underground Titles

 Gavin Lees wrote for Bleeding Cool from Stumptown last weekend;While the offbeat panels and overall community spirit are certainly highlights of the Stumptown Comics Festival, the greatest thing about the show is the embarrassment of riches that the small-press and indie publishers have on display every year.  From lavish hardcover titles to photocopied-and-stapled minicomics, there[...]

Stan Sakai At Stumptown: Rabbits, Ronin and Alien Sushi.

Gavin Lees wrote for Bleeding Cool from Stumptown last weekend;    For close to three decades, Stan Sakai has been working on the adventures of Usagi Yojimbo — a funny-animal story based in feudal Japan, which manages to maintain an incredible level of authenticity to the history and culture of the country, despite the fact that[...]

Stumptown 2012: Quenched Consciousness — A Tribute to Moebius

    Gavin Lees writes for Bleeding Cool;Since his untimely passing last month, there has been an enormous outpouring of tributes to Jean “Moebius” Giraud.  It seemed only appropriate, then, to have the keynote panel of this year’s Stumptown Fest be a reflection on the legendary creator’s life.It began with a screening of Hasko Baumann’s 2007[...]

Stumptown Comics Fest: Heavy Ink

Gavin Lees writes for Bleeding Cool from Stumptown; One of the best things about Stumptown is that its indie status leaves it free of promotional panels, and instead it feels more like a conference, with the panels allowing creators and fans the ability to indulge their passion for art and creativity together One of the highlights[...]