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Ross O'Donovan Drops Super RubberRoss World On Mario Experts
Ross O'Donovan, Twitch streamer and member of the Game Grumps, has dropped Super RubberRoss World on the Super Mario Maker 2 servers If you're not familiar with Ross' work when it comes to the Mario Maker series, he is one of the highest-rated level creators out there who actively streams on Twitch He was one[...]
Super Mario Maker 2 Final Free Update-1
Nintendo announced the bittersweet news today that Super Mario Maker 2 is getting a new free update, but this that one will be the last A couple of the biggest requests from the community will be fulfilled in this update as players will finally be able to create their own overworld map Now you can[...]
"Super Mario Maker 2" Now Has Over 10 Million User-Uploaded Courses
Credit: Nintendo Super Mario Maker 2 users, it's time to celebrate! Collectively, players have uploaded a whopping 10 million playable courses since the game debuted on Nintendo Switch in 2019 The official Nintendo of America Twitter account shared the news with a tweet earlier this evening. "Thanks to the creativity of Makers around the world, there are now[...]
Link From "The Legend Of Zelda" Joins "Super Mario Maker 2"
One of the most-requested updates from fans has finally come to Super Mario Maker 2, as fans can now play as Link from The Legend Of Zelda As weird as that may sound, people had a fun making Zelda-themed levels from the first game on the Wii U, and now that fun is back On[...]
Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Release For June 2019
Some cool news from Nintendo today as the company just gave Super Mario Maker 2 a free update for both online and multiplayer modes The Version 1.1.0 update will not give you the ability to play co-op and versus multiplayer with people on your Nintendo Switch friends list This update works for both Multiplayer Versus and[...]
Someone Made Classic Zelda Dungeons In "Super Mario Maker 2"
People are seriously making some impressive levels in Super Mario Maker 2, and the latest set is a callback to the Zelda games of old For those of you who have played the original 1986 NES version of The Legend Of Zelda, the image below may look slightly familiar to you This is a variation[...]
Someone Made A First-Person Adventure In "Super Mario Maker 2"
There have been some pretty creative levels made in Super Mario Maker 2, but this latest one is a throwback that will make retro gamers stoked A Japanese player created an old-school first-person adventure level in the game As you can see from the image below, it mimics the '80s style of exploration, with the[...]
Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Release For June 2019
People have been making a ton of interesting levels in Super Mario Maker 2, but shockingly, the latest to catch our eye involves basic math. BeardBear has a new video on his page for a level created in the game by someone in Germany named Helgafan that acts as a basic calculator where you end up[...]
Nintendo Reveals What They're Bringing To SDCC 2019
The Nintendo Gaming Lounge will be set up at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, with playable demos for Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield, Luigi's Mansion 3, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Super Mario Maker 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, and Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda[...]
Arby's Made A "Super Mario Maker 2" Course. Yes, Really.
Like they did with Super Mario Maker 2 The company recently released a post on Twitter letting fans know they could play a special level they made in the game You can run through it right now as we speak using the code below from their account, in which you run through sandwiches, jump through[...]
Someone Made A "Super Mario Maker 2" Version of "Downwell"
As crazy as it may seem, there's someone on Super Mario Maker 2 who went to the trouble to make a Downwell level for people to play in the game The video below is kind of self-explanatory, but for the sake of it all, here's some brief info Downwell is a 2015 indie game developed[...]
Review: Super Mario Maker 2
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The moment I saw we were finally getting Super Mario Maker 2, the ideas of how to punish my friends immediately swirled through my head, as it did with many others Granted, there are many people who played the original on the Wii U and got to live out their level-builder fantasies Or those[...]
Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Release For June 2019
Leave it to Nintendo to throw in some hidden gems for players who weren't expecting to find callbacks in Super Mario Maker 2 Players who have dove deep into the game since getting it for either review or preview purposes have discovered two specific items that can be used in level building that are unlockable[...]
Bluefin Presents "Super Mario Maker 2" Collector Bundles
There are some special Super Mario Maker 2 collectibles out on the market this week before the game comes out from Bluefin and Tamashii Nations To coincide with Nintendo's upcoming release this Friday, the company have released a set of figures from the Mario universe, in a couple of different bundles for you to choose from[...]
Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Release For June 2019
The Revolution (PS4, Switch, XB1) credit//tinyBuild Games June 27th Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.2: 1313 Barnabas Dead End Drive (Switch) Bitlogic – A Cyberpunk Arcade Adventure (Switch) Bubsy: Paws On Fire! (Switch) Bubsy: Paws On Fire! Limited Edition (Switch) Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling (Switch) Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada (Switch) Epic Astro Story (Switch) Furwind (PS4, Switch) Goonya Fighter (Switch) Graveyard Keeper (Switch) Human Rocket Person (Switch) Lines X[...]
Nintendo Crowns Three New 2019 World Champions At E3 2019
Ultimate, Splatoon 2, and Super Mario Maker 2 at E3 2019. credit//Nintendo Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 AbdallahSmash026 defeated The Completionist by navigating imaginative courses created by the Nintendo Treehouse staff The final match came down to the wire, as both players had to figure out how to drop 14 icicles on Bowser's head to defeat him Game[...]
Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Release For June 2019
Today Nintendo rolled out their Nintendo Direct feed for Super Mario Maker 2, and we now have a much clearer idea of what the game has in store for us Right from the start, we learn that this game will be just like the original Wii U version where you can build levels however you[...]
Nintendo Will Hold a Special Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct
Nintendo made a surprise announcement this morning letting fans know they'd be holding a special Nintendo Direct for Super Mario Maker 2 The company made the announcement on Twitter letting fans know they would be getting a full presentation tomorrow on Wednesday, May 15th at 3pm PDT in which they will be showing off a[...]
Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Release For June 2019
While there are a lot of additions coming to Super Mario Maker 2, it appears the game may be taking out one element, if you trust a couple of findings A post on the GameFAQ's site has taken note of the fact that something appears to be missing from the game that you can find[...]
Super Mario Maker 2 European and Japan Pre-Orders Get a Stylus
People buying Super Mario Maker 2 on pre-order in Europe and Japan are going to be getting a special surprise to make the game a little easier to play The company promoted special versions of the game that could be ordered on the European Twitter feed this past week, which included a Limited Edition bundle[...]
Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Release For June 2019
Well, that was quick! Nintendo officially announced this evening that Super Mario Maker 2 will be coming out a lot sooner than expected The game will be released for the Nintendo Switch on June 28th, a lot soon than many expected as it will be coming out just a couple weeks after E3 2019 happens[...]
Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 for the Switch
The first game to make an appearance on the Nintendo Direct feed yesterday was Super Mario Maker 2, announced to be released in June 2019 Building off the already successful version on the Wii U, this one has incorporated more mechanics, enemies, and level options from the Mario universe that people were demanding from the[...]