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The Meg 2 Will Be "Action On A Grand Scale" Says Director Ben Wheatley
Star Jason Statham is returning for a sequel to the film, though we do not know when The Meg 2 will actually go in front of cameras The director of the sequel, Ben Wheatley, recently had a chat with ComicBook and let fans know that he is taking the reins of the franchise and running[...]
The Meg 2: Ben Wheatley Signs on to Direct
The Meg 2 has found its director British director Ben Wheatley has signed on to make the giant shark sequel in the same week his adaptation of the English gothic novel Rebecca premiered on Netflix. "The Meg" Chinese poster, Warner Brothers As the Hollywood Reporter stated, Jason Statham will return as the grizzled hero, a shark expert[...]
'The Meg 2' Script Currently Being Worked On, Producer Says
Apparently the script for The Meg 2 is currently being worked on, at least according to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Theoretically he'd be in a position to know, right? He told CinemaBlend: We're working on a script Yeah So you never know until you get a good script … I was very thankful that the audience got that[...]