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Tokyo Game Show 2020

Tokyo Game Show 2020 Has Officially Been Canceled

The latest convention to officially be canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak is the Tokyo Game Show 2020, as the organization revealed today. With conventions pretty much being canceled for the summer, everyone was curious about what might happen for the fall of 2020 as many of those have stayed intact. Well, the first of […]

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” Will Include a Classic Mode: TGS2019

"Final Fantasy VII Remake" Will Include a Classic Mode: TGS2019

Announced at Tokyo Game Show this week, Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake will include a classic mode for fans who want a more pure, retro experience. The news was delivered by Producer Yoshinori Kitase and has been detailed in a blog post for the worldwide audience. The post also details the Squats mini-game, Aerith's combat […]

"Death Stranding" Receives A New Briefing Video At Tokyo Game Show

"Death Stranding" Shows Off Gameplay At Tokyo Game Show 2019

One of the last things we got to see from Tokyo Game Show 2019 was a full gameplay presentation for Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding. Earlier over the weekend, we got the lovely poster you see here and a video kind of showing what the plot of the game was, but not the full picture. That […]

Nintendo Reveals The "Ring Fit" And More At Tokyo Game Show

Nintendo Reveals The "Ring Fit" And More At Tokyo Game Show

Nintendo did their big reveal during Tokyo Game Show 2019 this week as they showed off the new Ring Fit and accompanying game Ring Fit Adventure. The company revealed the new exercise tool utilizing a special rubber ring and leg strap developed to work with the joy-cons of the Nintendo Switch, along with the game […]

"Yakuza: Like A Dragon" Will Be Coming To The West In 2020

"Yakuza: Like A Dragon" Will Be Coming To The West In 2020

SEGA announced today during Tokyo Game Show 2019 that the next Yakuza game, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, will be headed to the west in 2020. The game has officially been slated for a Japanese release for January 16th, 2020 for the PS4. We also learned that actors Shinichi Tsutsumi, Ken Yasuda, and Kiichi Nakai will […]

"Death Stranding" Receives A New Briefing Video At Tokyo Game Show

"Death Stranding" Receives A New Briefing Video At Tokyo Game Show

Kojima Productions revealed a little more about Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show 2019 today, including a new video and artwork. The first big reveal came before anyone took the stage as Hideo Kojima himself took to Twitter to reveal a brand new poster for the game. This thing actually looks pretty amazing with some […]

Capcom Reveals More Of "Project Resistance" During Tokyo Game Show

During the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2019, Capcom did a full reveal and presentation for their upcoming Resident Evil spinoff, Project Resistance. The game is being developed by NeoBards Entertainment, who are using the RE Engine to create the game. This is the same one recently used to create the latest version of […]

SEGA Releases the Team Sonic Racing Video from Tokyo Game Show

We're not entirely sure why it took this long, but SEGA has released the video of Team Sonic Racing they showed at Tokyo Game Show this year. The video features Sonic Series Producer Takashi Iizuka talking about the game and giving fans a little more insight into the design and choices they decided to make. Enjoy! […]

Bandai Namco Release Two New Trailer for Jump Force at TGS

Bandai Namco revealed a few new items at Tokyo Game Show about Jump Force, chief among them being Yusuke Urameshi will join the game. The company revealed that there will be four new characters joining the fray from the mind of Akira Toriyama, none from any other franchise and specifically added for this game. They are Garena, […]

Disaster Report 4 Plus Receives a New Trailer at Tokyo Game Show

Today at Tokyo Game Show 2018, Granzella took the time to show off a brand new trailer for Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories. Gotta give them credit, the company takes more than just a casual look at watching parts of Japan get demolished and set on fire, especially as you follow the main character around through what […]

Sony to Halt Production on the PS Vita in Japan Next Year

At the Tokyo Game Show this year, Sony announced that it will be halting production on the PS Vita handheld console in Japan over the next year. Currently, Japan is the only market that is confirmed as ending production, though it is likely other production lines will shut down as well. Especially considering Sony's American […]

Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay at TGS

  Today at Tokyo Game Show, Capcom unveiled a new trailer for the remake of Resident Evil 2, which offers gamers a completely fresh take on the classic survival horror masterpiece. Resident Evil 2's TGS trailer showed us some of the revamped gamepay, though it also gives a pretty thorough introduction to the main characters of interest. […]

Old Man Dante Stars in Devil May Cry 5's TGS Trailer

Capcom kicked off Tokyo Game Show today with a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated Devil May Cry 5 showing off some Dante gameplay. While the series protagonist is older and scruffier than ever this time around, his usual frenetic gameplay is back and looks pretty damn fun. This is our first look at Dante's […]

World of Final Fantasy Maxima Introduces New Characters and Monsters at TGS

At Tokyo Game Show today Square Enix unveiled a new trailer for World of Final Fantasy Maxima which is an updated version of the adorable World of Final Fantasy that originally released in October of 2016. Maxima updates the adorable game with new characters, monsters, and a new avatar change system. Players will now have access to new Final […]

Take A Gander at Big Hero 6's San Fransokyo in Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix has revealed official gameplay for the Big Hero 6 level of Kingdom Hearts III, which takes players to the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. The cast of Big Hero 6 that will join Sora and his friends includes Hiro Hamada, Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago, Wasabi No-Ginger, Fred, and Baymax. However, the Big Hero 6 gameplay reveal […]

Death Stranding

Surprise… Death Stranding Will Not Be Playable at Tokyo Game Show

Today in the world of "News We Could Have Told You a Year Ago", Death Stranding will not be playable at Tokyo Game Show. Last week we told you that the game would officially be included in the lineup of games for the convention, specifically to show off the game for a stage show featuring the […]

Square Enix Teases Left Alive for 2019 With New TGS Trailer

Square Enix teased a number of new games this morning as the build-up to their Tokyo Game Show lineup, which included Left Alive. The company officially released a brand new trailer for the game along with an official release date of 2019 for North America and Europe, but would not confirm if that would be the […]

Two Earth Defense Force Games will be Playable at Tokyo Game Show

Some cool news coming from D3 Publisher this morning as we've learned two Earth Defense Force titles will be playable at Tokyo Game Show. Earth Defense Force 5 and Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain are both slated to hit the convention floor and be fully playable for people going to the event, though the company did not elaborate […]

Tokyo Game Show 2018 is Primed to Have Record Setting Year

Every year, the biggest gaming convention in Japan, Tokyo Game Show, seems to get larger with every passing con. It appears 2018 will be no different. The organizers behind the event, the Japanese Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association, have released a few details about this year's numbers both with vendors and attendance figures so far, and […]


Sony to Sponsor Indie Developers Once More at Tokyo Game Show

According to a report from Dual Shockers, Sony looks to be getting back into the business of supporting indie developers as they sent out a press release to selective media outlets letting people know they'd be sponsoring people for Tokyo Game Show. The company has made it sort of a regular program in the past […]