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New GI Joe Retro Collection Has Arrived from Hasbro
Joe Retro Collection is exclusive to Walmart and can be found here Each figure is priced at $12.99 and they are all set to release in January 2021 Get your pre-orders in while you can both Classified and Retro collection are hot ticket items lately so secure them to save yourself the hassle of finding[...]
Set 5 Wonder Woman Poster
DC's departure from Diamond was the first big change that has come about, as other changes, such as the upcoming departure of many of DC's editorial staff, have grabbed a lot of attention.  One change that didn't get quite as much attention was the change over of going from the DC Giant Line to DC[...]
Hasbro Announces Transformers Walmart Exclusive Specialty Packs
A lot of these figures are being set as retailer exclusives and Walmart is seemingly getting the most in this announcement This time we are looking at three special Transformers: Generations War for Cybertron Series-Inspired Specialty Packs Up first is Optimus Prime Voyager pack who will be getting both his iconic Energon shield and Energon[...]
Pennywise Q-Fig Walmart Exclusive Preorders Now Live
Walmart is now taking preorders for a black and white Pennywise Q-Fig from QMx The figure is an exclusive, part of the new big push of collectibles on the Walmart website and their Collector Con that went up and running this afternoon The figure features an awesome sculpt of the horror villain, based on his[...]
Hasbro Retro GI Joe Line- Exclusive To Walmart, SDCC Commander In Sept
The line will be exclusive to Walmart stores and online, and the first three figures and two vehicles are available to preorder right now Those figures up now are Baroness, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow For the first two vehicles, we will have an updated version of the HISS Tank, and the AWE Striker You[...]
Hasbro Announces Walmart Exclusive Transformers Deluxe Figures
Walmart is getting quite a few and this time they are getting 5 Transformers: Generations War for Cybertron Series-Inspired Deluxe figures with: Bumblebee Elita-1 Wheel Jack Red Alert Impactor Each figure stands roughly 5.5 inches and will have have the ability to switch between robot and vehicle mode Each will feature over 40 deco ops highly detailed and battle-worn effect[...]
Walmart Drive-Ins Will Show Up Around US Soon, In Their Parking Lots
Walmarts will convert 160 of their parking lots into drive-in theaters Part of a screening partnership with Tribeca, the screenings will feature stars of the films, and people will have snacks brought to their cars Curbside pick-up of concession type items will also be available at the locations yet to be announced The Walmart screenings[...]
YuMe Harry Potter Capsule Toys Hit Walmart On July 17th
YuMe is releasing new Harry Potter capsule figures on July 17th, part of Walmart's Collector Con Right around when SDCC would have been, a bunch of products will be in stores as exclusives that fans otherwise would not have been able to get unless they were at the show The Harry Potter figures will come[...]
DC 4-In-1 Backing Board #1
By June 21st Walmarts through the United States are supposed to have 4 Packs of "new" DC comics in stock, displayed, and ready to sell It's ironic that 2 years to the day that the Walmart "exclusive" Giant line was annouced (it was June 22nd 2018), DC ends that line and instead gives Walmart four[...]
DC Replaces Walmart 100-Page Giants With Four-Packs of Comics
This morning, I reported gossip that DC Comics was to be increasing their presence in Walmart stores That regular monthly titles rather than the 100-Page Giants would be sold in US Walmart stores, as well as young adult graphic novels, classic graphic novels and toys, just like a regular comic shop, as part of a[...]
DC Comics Rumoured to Expand Walmart Presence
DC Comics launched their line of 100-Page Giants exclusively in Walmart a couple of years ago, with a couple of similar titles of Target, before relaunching them all and making the titles available to comic book stores through Diamond Now that DC has dropped Diamond (almost) entirely, in favour of its two home-grown distributors Lunar[...]
Howard the Duck #1 Evolution of Howard Incentive Variant Front Cover
It's something that Walmart has gotten involved in by now offering the "Mass Market" variants to the DC Giant line and variants in their multi-pack Marvel bundles.  The last batch of Marvel bundles with Walmart exclusive variant covers also came bundled with two additional comics, most of which were rare tiered Marvel variants. The Walmart Variant[...]
DC Cancelled Comics Still Avalable in Walmart
But, as was then pointed out to Bleeding Cool, while the titles may have been cancelled, they were still on sale at Walmart Or at least they were, as eBay has provided a secondary market for the titles, selling for two to three times their Walmart cover price. DC Cancelled Comics Available in Walmart – and[...]
That New DC Comics Origin For The Joker in Walmart Batman Giant #5
Last week we talked about how the new Batman Giant #5, in Walmarts as of last weekend, was promising a new origin of The Joker Now, I am far, far away from the nearest Walmart, and there is no sign of Batman Giant #5 coming to comic book stores, or even digital comics, any time[...]
Batman Giant #5 Comes to Walmart
But are we getting a new version? Batman Giant #5 came to Walmart this weekend Just as Batman Giant #4 was getting to comic shops – with two different covers, depending whether stores ordered from UCS/Lunar or Diamond Comic Distributors We mentioned the new issue was published by a new printer, LSC Communications from the un-shutdown[...]