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Daniel Bryan wrestles Jey Uso on WWE Smackdown last week.
It is I, your El Presidente, bringing you the hottest pro wrestling gossip Daniel Bryan is no longer contracted to WWE, according to a story first broken by comrade Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful Select and later confirmed by comrade Dave Meltzer Bryan's contract, according to the report, ended after his WWE Championship match with[...]
AEW is returning to its roots as a t-shirt company with new global online merchandise shop.
It was once said of AEW, when the company was founded but hadn't yet launched a television show, that it was more of a t-shirt company than a pro-wrestling league After over a year of whooping NXT's ass on Wednesday nights, no one could argue that AEW hasn't established itself as a major wrestling company[...]
A WWE And MLW Partnership? It Could Actually Happen
While WWE has rightfully earned the reputation as a leviathan in the wrestling industry that only eats up other promotions instead of working in a mutually beneficial coexistence with them, there are instances in the past where they've tried to play nice with a smaller dog in the yard  In the 90s, the then WWF[...]
WWE will go to extreme lengths to retain viewership for WWE Raw
Priest won, despite attempts at cheating. Who said wrestling isn't "cool" anymore? Mansoor signed a contract to join Monday Night Raw Sheamus interrupted to brag to Adam Pearce about taking out Umberto Carillo One thing led to another and Sheamus goaded Mansoor into accepting the open challenge. MVP cut a promo for the third time tonight about Braun[...]
Eva Marie announced she will make her return to WWE soon in a teaser video on WWE Raw tonight.
Whatever the truth of the matter was, it appears to be water under the bridge at this point. Eva Marie was controversial during her first WWE run, and her in-ring skills have always been questionable, but it's difficult to argue that she isn't great at getting heel heat, which she did not only in the wrestling[...]
After spending a good chunk of last month introducing viewers to the world of Jack Spade (Stephen Amell) and Ace Spade's (Alexander Ludwig) Duffy Wrestling League, we learned Sunday night what it was all leading up to That's right, we have our first official teaser for the upcoming pro-wrestling drama Heels With the series set to premiere[...]