The Queen's Return: Wyrd's March Releases


Wyrd Games sent out their upcoming release schedule for March yesterday. The schedule includes the Titania box set for Malifaux 2E, Wyrd Games' tabletop skirmisher. Naturally, Titania's box is called The Queen's Return and belongs to the Neverborn faction.  Like most Neverborn masters, Titania looks goddamn awesome. Her primary mechanics are already known, and will definitely benefit players who want to exert absolute control over the game board. She's not the most combat oriented master, but she's got an impressive charge and enough attack actions to make her a considerable threat, her Impossible To Wound, healing abilities, and 12 wounds all maker her something like a Neverborn tank. Her crew's actions still remain a bit of a mystery, but they look like a fun set. Very much a dark fairy tale.

Also included in the March releases are an assortment of models for other factions. Allison Dade and Field Reporters are guild models set up to assist the Pen is Mightier box set released this month featuring Nellie Cochrane. The reporters fit in thematically as decent additional minions. Allison Dade is a henchmen model designed to work with Nellie. Her viability as a henchman is mostly dependent on the presence of guardsmen in the crew.Another guild set, the Mounted Guards are solid guild models that could easily increase the range of a Nellie crew- or really any guild crew at all. Much like the Lone Marshall, these models are all about the charge.

The Terracotta Warriors will bolster most Ten Thunders crews. While Goryo is an absolute boost to a Kirai crew as he's able to summon Seishin.

April releases are not out yet, but my bet is that we'll see some Neverborn designed to work well with Titania. That's the release schedule Wyrd tends to work with, generally speaking.

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