5 Ways for Baron Corbin to Give Roman Reigns the Rub

After many years of making them wait, WWE has finally given the fans what they want by turning Roman Reigns heel. The new Universal Champion has resulted in a major ratings boost for Smackdown, and WWE is surely happy with the results. But what about the man who carried WWE for all the time that Roman Reigns was out? What about the man who kept ratings steady and even provided the occasional boost throughout the pandemic era? What about Baron Corbin?

Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking?
Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking?

The Ratings King of Friday Nights is currently out of the title picture, which is a shame, but I've thought of five ways that WWE could insert Corbin back into the Smackdown main event and allow him to give Roman Reigns the rub, helping Roman to continue to draw ratings for Smackdown. Here they are.

Have Baron Corbin become a heel mentor to Roman Reigns

Sure, the Roman Reigns heel turn has been a success so far, but we all have to admit that Roman is kinda new at this whole heel thing. That's where an experienced heel like Baron Corbin could be brought onto the team to sort of show Roman the ropes. Maybe the story could be that Paul Heyman hires Corbin to impart some of his wisdom on Roman because he wants to make sure Roman is the best heel he possibly can be. I imagine this storyline running for about six months, and it could eventually culminate in a match where Roman goes over Corbin. The latter is such a popular character he can take the loss without being hurt too much.

Reveal that Baron Corbin was the inspiration for Roman's heel turn

WWE fans still have a lot of questions right now about why Roman Reigns, after remaining a babyface for so long, would suddenly turn on everyone and become a heel. But there's a kayfabe reason for this that makes perfect sense: Roman is inspired by Baron Corbin. Think about it. For all that time that Roman was sitting at home, Baron Corbin was ruling Smackdown as its rightful King. Roman was probably watching all of this on television at home, so it would make a lot of sense if he eventually revealed that it was while watching Corbin on TV that he had an epiphany and realized he wanted to be just like him. Later, Corbin could give Roman his approval, something like, "you're doing pretty good kid," and boom, Roman gets the rub.

Make Corbin an honorary Uso

While Roman Reigns is set to face Jey Uso at the next PPV, I think we can all see a future where the Usos eventually evolve into a new Shield to back up their cousin and Tribal Chief. But everyone knows that a perfect stable consists of four men, not two. So why not add Baron Corbin to the mix? The Usos could induct Corbin as an honorary member of their team and of the family, and those four would be totally unstoppable. Plus, could you imagine Baron Corbin wearing some of that traditional Samoan gear the Usos used to sometimes wear during their entrances? He would be so cute!

Have Corbin and Reigns win the tag team championships

Maybe putting Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin together as permanent stablemates and family members would be a little too much, but there's another way to get these two major ratings draws together in a storyline. It seems like pretty much every other episode of Smackdown, random people are getting thrown together into a tag team match due to whatever happens in the opening segment. Maybe Baron and Roman could end up in some kind of wacky opening promo against the tag champs, Cesaro and Nakamura, and then end up winning the titles in the main event later that night. They could do a sort of odd couple tag team that hates each other gimmick for a while, eventually leading to my fifth and final suggestion…

Four words: Baron Corbin face turn

Yes, it's true that Baron Corbin makes a great heel. Of course, he does. He pulls off the arrogant character so well, but he's also tall, handsome, and athletic. When played against fan jealousy of the Ratings King, those attributes make Corbin a great bad guy, but they could also be the makings of a popular babyface. Can you imagine Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin in the WrestleMania main event, with Corbin as a face, ushering in the Baron Corbin Era of WWE when he wins? Yes, technically, that would be more like Roman giving Corbin the rub, but think of the sympathy Roman could get from fans after being bested in every area by the superior Corbin. It could be the start of Roman's eventual babyface comeback.

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