Another Day, Another Round Of WWE Talent Releases

WWE has been in the giving mood recently.  Unfortunately, what they've been generous with as of late has been pink slips.  In what has seemingly become a monthly occurrence now, WWE has reportedly again released a large number of wrestling talents in yet another "cost-cutting effort".  Why a company that has achieved record profits over the past two years is so dead-set on cutting costs is up to speculation and yeah, we'll get to that later.

Another Day, Another Round Of WWE Talent Releases
Fandango and Tyler Breeze are among the wrestlers released by WWE today, courtesy of WWE.

It all got rolling earlier with the release of Raw creative writer/producer Kenice Mobley after her appearance on a podcast this week where she said she was hired by WWE specifically for her lack of knowledge of the product.  Later in the day, Sean Ross Sapp of started tweeting a list of names he was reporting had been released by the company.

The unlucky list of names included 205 Live stars Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari and NXT stars FandangoTyler BreezeChase ParkerMatt Martel, and August Grey.  Fandango and Breeze were of course the popular long-time team known as Breezango, while Parker and Martel were the recently featured team Ever-Rise.

Clearly, WWE is cleaning house pretty steadily here and that leaves one question: why?  While the easy answer would be that the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on the company over the past year just as it did every other company, that's not the case with WWE.  2020 was actually the most profitable year in the company's history, largely due to their expenses of travel and putting on live shows every day were completely slashed.

So if not for the pandemic or financial problems, then why is WWE so concerned with cutting costs?  Well, that's where it all gets speculative and interesting.

Over the past month, rumors have been increasing that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is finally considering riding off into the sunset (to presumably again try to become a "genetic jackhammer" and have more kids, or to attempt yet another football league after two previous failed attempts) and sell his empire.

Would he?  Could he?  That remains to be seen, but it is common practice when selling a major company to cut costs and salaries as much as possible to inflate your profit margins for potential buyers.  So as of right now, that is all just speculation, but it's certainly not impossible, at least not as much as it seemed in the past.

Whatever McMahon's decision, many more wrestlers are looking for new jobs today, and among them are some real talents who will probably do well for themselves in a different company where they can stand out more.

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