Arrow Alum David Ramsey Has A Little Green Lantern Teasing Fun

If there was one thing The CW's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and the finale of Arrow did for the network's "Arrowverse," it was delivering a (somewhat) definitive answer to the matter of Arrow alum John Diggle (David Ramsey) and the ring-wielding universal law-n-order organization known as the Green Lantern Corp. Viewers were teased with clues during the "Elseworlds" crossover when Flash-90 mistook him for the ring-bearer he knew; and during the seventh season episode "Spartan," with Diggle's grandfather being named "General Roy Stewart." Following that, there were two more interesting developments. Green Lantern Corp home planet Oa made an appearance at the end of Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Infinite Earths". Not long after, it was announced that Arrowverse guru Greg Berlanti was developing a Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corp series for HBO Max.

Green Lantern Corp planet Oa appeared in 'Crisis,' courtesy of The CW.
Green Lantern Corp planet Oa appeared in 'Crisis,' courtesy of The CW.

So it only made sense that Arrow final episode "Fadeout" would give us the answer (we're 99.98% certain) to the Diggle/Green Lantern Corp deal if only a brief one. In the following scene, Diggle is finalizing his move to Metropolis with his family. -It's late and he's finishing up packing when from out of the sky lands an object. After Diggle picks himself up from the explosion, he makes his way to the crash site and finds a box. When he opens it, well, it ain't gonna' be easy being "green" for Diggle in the near future:

In an interview earlier this year, Ramsey expressed the excitement he felt when he learned about Berlanti's upcoming Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corp series, saying, "I've talked to Greg about it, and they have a great plan. It sounds fantastic. People are champing at the bit to see this universe, to see this military corp come to live-action, and I'm among the people who are so excited. It's great for television, man. I mean, people are going to be really stoked about this show." Whether Ramsey has any involvement in the series remains to be seen, but you have to respect the behind-the-scenes "trip down memory lane" he posted to Instagram that he had to know would just fuel speculation. While it gave us a chance to see how they pulled off the green glow, that "my power" line was a particularly nice touch:


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In October 2019, Berlanti confirmed he was bringing a Green Lantern-based series to HBO Max. The series is set to span generations, but with a specific focus on two Earth-stationed Green Lanterns and one space-set storyline. The initial storylines are expected to lead into a Sinestro story, which would bring Green Lantern Hal Jordan's archenemy and dishonored Green Lantern Corp members into the spotlight. For Berlanti, it was about taking advantage of the new streamer to also offer fans a new experience: "Both of these original DC properties we'll be creating for HBO Max will be unlike anything seen on television. An anthology series of cautionary tales set in a world where superpowers exist, and, in what promises to be our biggest DC show ever made, we will be going to space with a Green Lantern television series, but I can't reveal any more about that just yet."

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