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Bob's Burgers Was a Time Capsule Episode To Remember: Review

For the Belcher kids, sometimes it takes something random like a time capsule to reiterate what's important to them. The fifth episode of season 11 of Bob's Burgers, "Fast Time Capsules at Wagstaff School", brings back some fan favorites while navigating being remembered through a time capsule. Tina becomes in charge of putting together the next time capsule to be placed in the ground for the next 50 years. The problem that comes with this is that Tina experiences a bit of a power trip with this responsibility placed in her hands by Mr. Frond.

Bob's Burgers Had A Time Capsule Episode To Remember: Review
Tina and Louise struggle over Boyz 4 Now tickets entry into the time capsule. Source: FOX

Being picky and choosy with what is to be placed in the capsule, another one is put together by who other than Tammy. This episode of Bob's Burgers also explores the competitive spirit that can naturally exist in relationships, such as the hilarious one between Bob and Linda. Bob can whistle perfectly, Linda can roll her "R"s, and both are secretly envious of the other's talents.

This episode of Bob's Burgers proved better than previous ones for this season in terms of including more fan-favorite characters into the mix of the story. Seeing characters like Joselyn, Tammy, Regular-sized Rudy, Andy & Ollie, and the oddly light voice of Peter Pescadero. When each one of them approaches Tina with their submission for the time capsule, we get to see the personalities present in each one of them through something so simple. It's hilarious and fun to see people like Andy and Ollie submit their toenail clippings for future cloning of one another. Meanwhile, Louise nervously navigates obtaining tickets for Boyz 4 Now without success in the end.

Louise, in her attempts to not be embarrassed by her love of the boy band, ends up mixing things up for herself and Tina. It would have been a lot more fun to see them enjoy the concert at the end of the episode, but sadly that didn't occur. If I had one complaint it would be the way the episode ended, although I did appreciate the Boyz 4 Now song in the credits with a dance number. I can only hope to see more of the band in future episodes of Bob's Burgers, along with the sass of Tammy and Louise. Let us know what you thought of this episode and what characters you want to see more of!

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