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Brandi Rhodes Uses Entertainment Press to Circulate TV Show Pitch

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, bringing you the latest wrestling news and hot goss. Former AEW Executive Brandi Rhodes announced today that she hopes at some time in the future to announce that her web show, Shot of Brandi, has been picked up for a season by some network. Probably USA. Or maybe E!. The point is Brandi doesn't know yet because Shot of Brandi has not yet been picked up for a broadcast deal, but she has partnered with agency DIGA in hopes of getting one. You know what would really help? If all the entertainment websites posted stories about Brandi's plans to move the show from YouTube to television. That will get the buzz going. Haw haw haw haw!

Brandi Rhodes
Brandi Rhodes soaks in boos on behalf of her husband, Cody Rhodes, at AEW Dynamite: New Years Smash [Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling]
For anyone who dissed Brandi's wrestling skills during her time in AEW, this shows that Brandi knows how to work the marks better than anyone. And what better marks to work than the entertainment press, like the folks at Deadline who jumped all over this story with the headline "Brandi Rhodes Cooks Up Deal With DIGA Studios To Take Reality Series To TV." They even labeled the article an "EXCLUSIVE," as if Deadline reporters were skulking around the Rhodes estate hunting for news on the TV rights to Shot of Brandi and they uncovered this massive story through heroic journalistic exploits, as opposed to Brandi's agent sending the story to publications like Deadline in hopes one of them, desperate to publish any content to sustain the never-ending churn of clickbait media, will publish it. But we know the real story, comrades.

"I started shooting this show in my kitchen four years ago with two iPhone cameras and a cocktail," Rhodes said in the press release quote given to Deadline that they shamelessly labeled an "EXCLUSIVE" as if actual journalism occurred here. "I am excited to see the show evolve and thankful for the fans who have followed along.  I assure you, now that I'm working with DIGA the best is yet to come."

And with our help, comrade Brandi, maybe that will even be true! Despite my trash-talking about the idiocy of the entertainment press, comrades, Shot of Brandi is actually a great concept for a show (ADRENALINE! IN MY SOUL! COOK AND CHAT WITH BRANDI RHODES!), so I wish Brandi well in her quest to get a deal for it. And her chances are good, with interest in the Rhodes family higher than ever thanks to their sudden departure from AEW a few weeks back and the imminent arrival of Brandi's husband, Cody Rhodes, in WWE.

Until next time, amigos: socialism or death!

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