CM Punk Has A Great Day And Gets To Dunk On WWE

Whenever WWE is in a state of calamity and precariousness, two things are certain to happen as a result.  One, AEW super fans will high five as they are certain the defeat of pro-wrestling's evil empire is imminent.  And two, former WWE superstar CM Punk will rear back and publicly boot the company in its ass as if he were the Australian Prime Minister and WWE were Bart Simpson prank calling them.  So seeing as WWE is indeed in a weird and uncertain place in the wake of them releasing six big-name stars yesterday and rumors about WWE being for sale running wilder than coke-fueled Hulkamania in 1986, guess what happened today?

CM Punk, master of social media [Screencap from WWE Broadcast]
CM Punk has called out WWE on Twitter in the wake of their recent troubles, courtesy of WWE.
CM Punk took to his own Twitter yesterday to offer his two cents on WWE's recent releases, along with his thoughts on the company and the quality of the product in general.  In responding to a tweet from John Squires about WWE dropping the ball on really promising young talent in recent years, Punk said the following:

It's like a movie with a blockbuster budget and cast, but if it's written by creatively bankrupt nincompoops specifically for an audience of one, in a language nobody understands anymore, it's…..trash. But people watch it because they like movies.

This is a very interesting analysis by CM Punk and if you know anything about how WWE is run on a weekly basis, you know that the "audience of one" he references is of course WWE head honcho Vince McMahon, who is notorious for trashing the script for Raw within hours of going live and re-writing the entire show himself to his liking.  The problem is, no one else likes what he does and the product has been steaming garbage for years.

But it's the comparison to movies that CM Punk makes that really hammers things home and I have to say, he's absolutely right.  WWE has all the resources and production value in the world but like a major Hollywood studio film, if the story and characters are awful and don't make sense, the whole thing is doomed.

And yet people do still tune in (albeit in constantly decreasing numbers), which should serve as a fact-check to company line-towers like Seth Rollins who seem to think it's easier to blame fans for enjoying the product failing rather than looking inward at who made the product fail.  Fans desperately want WWE to be good and on those rare moments in the past 16 years when they do actually do something fun and exciting, the fans drool at the prospect that the company has finally turned the corner.

And yet here we are, looking at the insight of CM Punk, who hasn't been with the company since 2014 because the company itself is unwilling to try and fix things and instead finds it easier to pretend that everything is great, ratings and fan approval be damned.  The McMahons leaving the industry and selling the company is a weird premise and one that even now I can't imagine.  But as someone who would love to see WWE figure it all out and return to glory, maybe it's the only real option at this point.

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