CM Punk on How Being Sued by WWE Made His Marriage Stronger

For many people, being sued by your former employer while your wife still works, there would be a really tough situation. For a few early in The Chadster's marriage, I got fired from my job as a mattress salesman at Punxatawney Discount Furniture Outlet, but Keighleyanne still worked there for a few months in the Patio department, and let me tell you it was a living nightmare. The one good thing that came out of it is she had this one co-worker, a shelf-stocker named Gary, who was very supportive, and they had lunch together every day. She still talks to him today. Texting him right now, in fact. She's always texting him. But anyway, the point is CM Punk went through sort of the same thing when WWE fired him, but his wife, April Mendez, who wrestled under the name AJ Lee, still worked there. Punk was asked how it affected their marriage by Renee Paquette on her podcast, Oral Sessions.

CM Punk, master of social media [Screencap from WWE Broadcast]
CM Punk, master of social media [Screencap from WWE Broadcast]
"I don't know if anything changed," Punk said. "I mean, it was just hard, you know what I mean? I'm being sued by this company. There was probably like a lot of arguments and a lot of fights that were mostly just a manifestation of me being fucking angry, you know, like woe is me shit, like, fuck, this is happening to me. And nobody said… It was that was a hard time, when people are texting you being like, hey, here's a story about that guy that's suing you. And I'd just be like, man, that could help me, but you're not helping me. Awesome. That's great. Thanks a lot. It was hard on her because she still worked there, and also her neck got messed up. There's just a lot going on."

"But I think it made us stronger, obviously, because, we survived it all," Punk continued. "We lived through it. And I now have the mind to look back at it and be like, yeah, at least 50 percent of that was just me being fucking angry at, like, some external shit, you know what I mean? That's the person that's next to you, and so you take it out on them. But I mean, it's helped me realize that, oh, yeah, that's a thing. That may be a thing I do. So, you know, I'm going to do my best to not do that anymore."

You know what? The Chaster is feeling pretty inspired by CM Punk. If CM Punk and April Mendez can make it work and come out stronger, even with everything that was going on at that time, maybe the rest of us will be okay too.

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