Did WBD Pick a Name for Its New HBO Max/Discovery+ Combo Streamer?

As Warner Bros. Discovery head David Zaslav continues looking for ways to trim several billions of dollars off of the company's books and DC Studios co-heads James Gunn & Peter Safran continue fine-tuning their roadmap for the DCU, there's another big move in motion that's been lost in all of those other headlines. In 2023, we're going to see streaming services HBO Max and Discovery+ merged into one "super streamer" (or so everyone over at WBD hopes). Well, thanks to sources speaking with CNBC earlier today, we might just know the name of the new platform. Though a Warner Bros. Discovery spokesperson would only say that a name is being considered and that the sources say the name is still being checked by WBD's legal team, there's a good chance that the "HBO" is getting dropped and "Max" will be the name (hey, at least there isn't a "+").

Image: HBO Max Screencap

Sources did make it clear that other names are still in consideration, so a final decision is still in play; during the discussions, the new streamer was reportedly code-named "BEAM." In addition, sources report that the app will share many similarities with Disney+, with WBD brands set as individual tiles (with HBO, Discovery, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. reportedly serving as landing hubs). In addition, the pricing structure for the new service is still being discussed, with no tentative figures shared. From the moment Zaslav took the reins of WBD, he made it clear that a combination of what HBO Max and Discovery+ have to offer would be a winning combination on a number of fronts. "These early green shoots bolster our strategic thesis that the two content offerings work well together and, when combined, should drive greater engagement, lower churn, and higher customer lifetime value," he explained during a recent company earnings call. The decision to remove "HBO" was reportedly meant to emphasize the diversity of content that the streaming service will offer beyond the HBO brand, as well as to build up further HBO's sub-brand as a home for prestige content.

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