NXT Recap- An Epic Two Out Of Three Falls Match Main Event

Hey gang!  So we have a pretty loaded match card for tonight's NXT.  We're going to get two title matches, two non-title matches with champions, and some more action with big names.  Will we see more developments in the hunt for Karrion Kross and his NXT title?  Will we see a new Women's Champion or a new Cruiserweight Champion crowned?  And will we again see Cameron Grimes' life messed with by that damn Ted DiBiase?  Let's watch and find out!

NXT Recap-
The card for tonight's NXT, courtesy of WWE.

Karrion Kross, with Scarlett vs Austin Theory, with Johnny Gargano

NXT Recap-
Karrion Kross vs Austin Theory, courtesy of WWE.

And it's some non-title action with the NXT Champion to start us off tonight!

Theory is clearly scared of Kross but hits him with some punches and a standing dropkick to start.  Kross absorbs it all though and whips Theory all over the ring.  Theory tries avoiding him, but Kross plants him with a stiff clothesline.

Kross is all over him with hard strikes and even taunting him to reach for Gargano, but then stomping on his hand as he does.  Kross hits him with a Saito Suplex and as he goes for a second, Gargano distracts the ref and Theory rakes his eyes.

They go outside and Theory throws the champ into the crowd barrier and hits him with a DDT on the outside.  Kross comes to and gets him on his shoulders, but Theory escapes and pushes him into the ring post.

They get back in the ring and Theory hammers him with hits.  He hits a rolling dropkick, but only gets a one count.  Theory hits a fallaway slam, but Kross gets right back up and hits two straight Saito suplexes, hits the Doomsday punch, and then pummels him on the mat and locks in a sleeper hold and the ref calls for the bell as Theory is out cold.

Winner by KO – NXT Champion Karrion Kross

As Kross celebrates in the ring, he turns around to see Finn Balor staring at him, who tells the champ "I don't wait in lines.  I want my rematch."  Kross responds, "I want it just as bad as you do!"  Looks like we have a title match coming folks!

NXT Recap-
NXT Champion Karrion Kross and Finn Balor setting up their rematch for the title tonight, courtesy of WWE.

Next, we see Kushida arriving earlier in the day, followed by footage of Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai arriving.

We then see Leon Ruff pleading with NXT Commissioner William Regal to let him have a match tonight, but Regal tells him no because he's not medically cleared.  Ruff flips out and wrecks Regal's desk, but Regal tells him it's a firm no and to get out.

MSK vs Breezango

NXT Recap-
MSK vs Breezango, courtesy of WWE.

Breeze and Lee start it off.  They trade holds and reversals and Breeze taunts him by lounging on the top turnbuckle.  They then have a nice sequence of rolling reversals and dodges.

They each tag out and Carter and Fandango lock up.  They also trade some reversals and Fandango hits a hip toss and Carter hits a dropkick.  Breeze tags in and they have a great sequence where they trade whips and leapfrogs until the ref gets involved and hits his own leapfrog, getting a huge pop from the crowd!

Fandango and Lee go at it now, with Lee attempting a running strike, but Fandango countering it into flipping him into the corner.  He then hits a falcon arrow for two.  Breeze tags in and so does Carter and MSK double teams Breeze.  They hit the standing moonsault for two, but Fandango tackles Lee into the other two.

All four start exchanging fists on their knees until they rise and Breeze superkicks both Carter and Lee.  He tags Fandango in, who goes to the top rope.  Carter crotches him and meets him in the corner.  Fandango knocks him off, but Carter hits him with a running knee.

Fandango and Breeze both fall to the outside and Carter hits them with a moonsault to the outside.

They get back in the ring and Breeze tries an unprettier, but they reverse it and hits Breeze with an End Transmission for the pinfall.

Winners: MSK

After the match, Breezango shakes hands with MSK.

We learn that apparently the Killian Dain vs Alexander Wolfe match tonight is off because Wolfe has the stomach flu.

We now see Gargano charge into Regal's office to complain about defending his title next week against Bronson Reed.  He says Regal is against him, as he fed Theory to Kross and now this.  Regal tells him too bad and Gargano grabs Regal's pencil and breaks it before storming out.

Mercedes Martinez is backstage doing pushups and getting ready for her title match tonight.

Pete Dunne gets to the ring and cuts a promo of Kross choosing to face Balor, which he says he doesn't blame him cause he's the tougher challenger.  He says he's the toughest man in NXT and dares anyone in the back to challenge him.  From out of nowhere, Leon Ruff hits him from behind and knocks him from the ring.

Pete Dunne vs Leon Ruff

Dunne knocks Ruff down and pummels him, but Ruff sneaks out and kicks him in the head.  Ruff rolls out of Dunne's attempts to grab him, but Dunne eventually gets ahold of him and starts bending his fingers and wrist.  Ruff gets to the ropes and hits a vaulting hurricanrana.

Dunne gets right back at him and again bends his fingers and just hammers him with shots.  Dunne and Ruff exchange chops until Ruff gets to the second turnbuckle and hits a dropkick.  As he tries again, Dunne hits an enziguri and locks Ruff in a head scissors while elbowing him on the mat.  The ref calls for the bell and it's over.

Winner by TKO: Pete Dunne

After the match, Dunne again grabs his fingers and appears to break them.

We now see Legado del Fantasma backstage cutting a promo on Kushida, promising that by the end of tonight, Santos Escobar will be Cruiserweight Champion again.

Next, we see Raquel Gonzalez working out, getting ready for her title defense, which is next.

Franky Monet's NXT debut match is announced for two weeks from tonight.

The Kross/Balor title rematch is also announced for two weeks from tonight.

NXT Recap-
Karrion Kross and Finn Balor will have a rematch for the NXT title in two weeks, courtesy of WWE.

Raquel Gonzalez vs Mercedes Martinez – NXT Women's Championship

NXT Recap-
Raquel Gonzalez vs Mercedes Martinez for the NXT Women's title, courtesy of WWE.

They come to blows right off the bell and Martinez knocks Gonzalez out of the ring, before hitting her with a cannonball from the apron.  She hammers the champ on the outside, before tossing her back in the ring.

Gonzalez wakes up and hits her own shots and tosses Martinez hard into the corner.  She locks in a reverse chin lock and as Martinez tries to get out, she slams her into the mat.  Martinez battles back with punches and slams the champ into the corner, before choking her with her foot.

Gonzalez battles back and hits a big bodyslam for two.  She then hits a snap suplex for another two-count.  She locks in another rear chin lock, but Martinez gets her foot on the rope.

Martinez battles back with punches and chops before Gonzalez stops her with a lariat for two.  She then hits Martinez with another bodyslam for two, before again going to the rear chin lock.  Martinez punches out of the hold and grapples Gonzalez to the mat for some ground and pound.

Martinez tries a sleeper hold, but Gonzalez breaks out.  They trade fists a bit before Martinez hits a twisting neck breaker from the turnbuckle for two.  Martinez then spears Gonzalez on the apron, knocking both to the outside.

They get back into the ring and trade kicks and punches.  Martinez tries a running strike, but Gonzalez gets her in a powerbomb move to drop her onto the top rope.  They go outside and Gonzalez gets the challenger on her shoulder and drives her into the ring post.

They get back inside and Martinez hits a jawbreaker and starts stomping the champ until Gonzalez hits a hard clothesline for two.  Gonzalez then hits a backbreaker for two.  She gets Martinez up for the chokeslam bomb, but Martinez gets out and hits a fisherman buster for two.

Martinez then knees Gonzalez over and over, until Gonzalez responds with a big boot followed by the chokeslam bomb for the pinfall.

Winner and still champion: Raquel Gonzalez

NXT Recap-
Raquel Gonzalez retains the NXT Women's title, courtesy of WWE.

Outside a Range Rover pulls up and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott and his crew arrive.  Swerve knocks down the cameraman and the walk over him.

Next, we see Gargano and Theory being chased out of the locker room by screaming refs.  We look inside the room to see Bronson Reed on the ground holding his head while people check on him.

Now we see Swerve entering the ring with his crew, which appears to be called Hit Row.  Swerve cuts a promo where he says he's made mistakes, but his biggest mistake was trying to be what people wanted him to be.  He says what he really is is a savage, he's disrespectful, and he's a dangerous man.  He says he had to recruit people that believe that about him and he introduces his teammates.

First, we meet AJ Francis, who's now known as Top Dollar.  He raps and describes himself.  We also meet the woman of the group, B-Fab.  She also raps about herself.  Swerve then confirms they're now to be known as Hit Row.

NXT Recap-
Hit Row, courtesy of WWE.

Next, we see a local auction of a lakefront home from earlier today.  As they call for bids, Cameron Grimes shows up and makes a scene, before bidding $2 million.  He enters a bidding war with someone as the amount goes higher and higher.  Grimes thinks he's won with 8 million, before someone calls out 20 million and when Grimes demands to know who bids $20 million on a house?  We see that of course, it was "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase!  Grimes screams at him, challenging him to a fight, but DiBiase reminds him that "when you're the Million Dollar Man, everybody has a price.  But you're no Million Dollar Man!"  DiBiase then laughs in his face and walks off as Grimes screams in agony.  The best rivalry in wrestling continues!

We now get a video package showing the growing rivalry between Toni Storm and Zoey Stark, where Stark says Storm is jealous because she works harder than her.  She says they'll face each other next week and she will destroy her.

Kyle O'Reilly vs Oney Lorcan, with Pete Dunne

NXT Recap-
Kyle O'Reilly vs Oney Lorcan, courtesy of WWE.

They lock up and exchange some waste locks until O'Reilly tries some MMA kicks and strikes.  This allows Lorcan to get him in a head scissors. O'Reilly reverses into a headlock and they exchange holds.

They finally get moving and Lorcan elbows a running O'Reilly in the throat.  He then begins hitting O'Reilly with some forearms. O'Reilly drops Lorcan on the top rope and drops to the outside, where he faces off with Dunne.  Lorcan hits him from behind, knocking him down on the ramp.

They get back in the ring and Lorcan is all over O'Reilly with chops and strikes. O'Reilly fights back and tries kicking Lorcan, but Lorcan elbows his knee. O'Reilly then hits him with a running knee, followed by a bunch of Muay Thai strikes. O'Reilly backdrops Lorcan and turns it into a leglock.

They get to their feet and exchange chops before O'Reilly gets him with a brainbuster. O'Reilly goes up top and hits a flying knee for the pinfall.

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

After the match, Dunne jumps O'Reilly and it's a two-on-one beating.  That is until Bobby Fish storms the ring to make the save.  After chasing Dunne and Lorcan off, Fish and O'Reilly talk in the ring, where O'Reilly thanks him, but tells him he's on his own.  Fish agrees and says he has his own things to deal with.

NXT Recap-
Bobby Fish has returned, courtesy of WWE.

Backstage, Bronson Reed cuts an angry promo where he says he's sick of The Way and has talked to Regal, who agreed to make his title match with Gargano next week a Steel Cage Match!

NXT Recap-
The NXT North American title will be on the line in a Steel Cage match next week, courtesy of WWE.

Kushida vs Santos Escobar – 2 Out of 3 Falls Match – NXT Cruiserweight Championship

NXT Recap-
Kushida vs Santos Escobar in a 2/3 Falls Match for the NXT Cruiserweight title, courtesy of WWE.

Kushida rushes in the ring and has to be held back by the ref for the introductions.

After the bell, Escobar immediately kicks the champ and knocks him outside.  Wilde and Mendoza try to jump him, but MSK shows up to make the save.  The ref throws all four out and as Escobar argues on the outside, Kushida hits a Swanton Bomb from the top rope onto Escobar on the outside.

They get back in the ring and Escobar plants Kushida with a dropkick and locks in a half crab.  He then gets Kushida in the corner and lifts him to the top turnbuckle.  He gets him on his shoulders and lift-drops him onto the ring post.  He then goes outside and locks him in a modified Boston Crab, where Kushida's throat is pressed against the ring post.

They get back inside and Escobar locks in a full Mexican Surfboard and then rolls into a rear chin lock.  He goes for a pin, but only gets two.  He then pummels Kushida in the corner, but Kushida fights back. Escobar stops him from rallying though and locks him up in the ropes.

Escobar hits a running double knee in the corner to Kushida and just keeps chopping him and hammering him. Escobar then goes for the corner punches, before lifting Kushida to the top turnbuckle and hitting a super hurricanrana, but Kushida rolls it into a pin for two.

Kushida now hits Escobar with a series of kicks, but Escobar hits him with the Phantom Driver for the first pinfall and it's 1-0 Escobar.

Escobar again goes for a strike, but Kushida reverses into an armbar and Escobar taps out!  It's 1-1 now.

Escobar rolls out of the ring, as Kushida catches his breath in the corner. Escobar gets back in, only to eat a running dropkick from Kushida, who then proceeds to pummel Escobar.  Kushida then hits an armbar bulldog on Escobar, followed by a twisting drop toe hold on Escobar's arm.

Kushida gets Escobar in a twisting wristlock on the mat, which he then drops to hurt him.  He keeps kicking Escobar all over the mat and goes for a pin for a two-count.

Kushida gets a wristlock on, but Escobar pulls them to the outside.  Outside, Kushida locks it in again, but Escobar slams him into the crowd barrier.  They get to the apron, where Escobar drops Kushida's throat onto the ropes. Escobar then hits a suicide dive to Kushida on the outside.

They get back in the ring and Escobar goes for a pin twice, getting two each time.  He tries a double under hook suplex, but Kushida gets out a hits a spinning, flipping DDT.  Kushida then goes to the top rope and hits a flying knee to Escobar's arm on the ropes.

They go outside and Kushida hits another armbar bulldog on the outside.  He tosses Escobar back in the ring and goes for a punt, but Escobar dodges and tries a lariat, but Kushida rolls him up for two.  He then goes for the Hoverboard Lock, but Escobar gets an inside cradle for two. Escobar hits a leg lariat and they exchange pinfalls and roll-ups in a great sequence, before knocking each other down with a double running clothesline.

They struggle to their feet and Escobar gets Kushida on the top turnbuckle.  He gets him up, but Kushida armbar flips him off the top rope and gets the Hoverboard Lock in. Escobar rolls out, but Kushida rolls it right back in. Escobar fights and gets to the rope for a break.

Kushida flips Escobar into the corner and then hits a double under hook suplex with a bridge for the pinfall to win 2-1!

Winner and still champion: Kushida

NXT Recap-
Kushida retains the Cruiserweight title, courtesy of WWE.

What a great match!  Nonstop action and amazing reversals.  I don't know if anyone in wrestling today has the stamina these two have.  Just great.

And that does it for tonight's NXT.  Some fun matches and a real barn-burner by Kushida and Escobar!

Looks like we've got a Steel Cage title match to look forward to next week and an NXT title rematch in two weeks.

Till next time friends!

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