NXT Recap- Chaos Reigns As We Head Into TakeOver: In Your House

Hey gang!  With NXT TakeOver: In Your House just five days away, tonight's episode of NXT should have plenty of action heading into the show on Sunday night.  We've got a couple of grudge matches scheduled, along with a face-off between everyone in the Fatal Five-Way match for the NXT title.  Let's not waste any more time, and let's get it started!

NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
The NXT recap for 6/8, courtesy of WWE.

Austin Theory vs. Oney Lorcan

They lock up off the bell and it's immediately a test of strength between two guys that hate each other.  Theory uses his size to lock Lorcan in a headlock, but Lorcan reverses into a head scissors.  They get back to their feet, and now it's a fistfight as they exchange uppercuts.

NXT Recap-
Austin Theory vs. Oney Lorcan, courtesy of WWE.

Lorcan drags him to the mat, but Theory explodes back with a series of strikes and following it with a fisherman suplex.  He then taunts his opponent, which Lorcan doesn't appreciate, and starts pounding on Theory and drops him with punches.  He tosses Theory to the apron and then knees him to the floor outside and follows him out.

They trade chops to the chest until Theory goes to the apron, only to get dumped on his back by Lorcan.  We then see Pete Dunne slowly making his way down the ramp.  Lorcan gets Theory back in the ring and whips him hard into the turnbuckle before locking in a Boston Crab.

Theory grabs the ropes to break the hold, but Lorcan hits him with a side backbreaker and then a long reverse chin lock.  Eventually, Theory is able to power out to break the hold, but Lorcan just punches him down.  We now see Johnny Gargano make his way to ringside, as Theory hits Lorcan with a blockbuster to even the fight.

Theory clotheslines Lorcan out of the ring, but as he catches his breath, Lorcan charges back in and knocks him out of the ring.  They fight on the outside a bit, but Theory takes over and gets Lorcan back in the ring and hits a fallaway slam.  He then gets Lorcan on the top rope and hits a leaping Spanish flip for two.

They roll outside again and knock each other down with a double clothesline.  As Dunne and Gargano approach, they start yelling at each other and then come to blows.  Referees rush out and separate them as Theory, and Lorcan get back in the ring.  Lorcan slams Theory's head into the turnbuckle post and hits a big Chickenwing suplex for the pinfall.

Winner: Oney Lorcan

Next, we see a video of LA Knight getting out of the shower in a mansion as he sings Ted DiBiase's theme song.  He tells us that he's the only one that's up to the legacy of "The Million Dollar Man" as we see him live a lavish lifestyle surrounded by beautiful women.  The whole thing is pretty silly, but at least it's over quickly.

We now get Dok Hendrix (not Michael Hayes!!!) doing an old-school 90s Slam Jam PPV preview for NXT TakeOver: In Your House this weekend.  This was pretty cool, actually.

Santos Escobar is in the ring surrounded by Wilde and Mendoza, as he calls out Bronson Reed for his involvement in the tag title match last week.  He says a few words before Reed interrupts him and replays the video of him splashing Escobar last week, and he says he's positive he made Escobar crap his pants when he hit him.  Escobar challenges Reed to get in the ring and do it again, which he accepts.  MSK hits the ring as well to even the numbers, but Legado del Fantasma exit.  Escobar then challenges them to a six-man tag match at TakeOver, where the NXT tag titles and the NXT North American title are on the line, and winners take all.

After they accept, Hit Row's music hits, and they strut to the ring for Swerve's match against Killian Dain.  They mock Legado del Fantasma as they pass them on the ramp.  They then get into words with Reed and MSK as they enter the ring.  Boy, these guys sure do know how to make friends!

Killian Dain, with Drake Maverick vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, with Hit Row

Swerve struts around Dain, looking like he's too good to face him.  He locks Dain in a headlock, but Dain breaks out immediately and overpowers Swerve.  He takes him out with a series of shoulder blocks, followed by a fireman's carry.  Swerve then slaps him in the face before diving out of the ring.

NXT Recap-
Killian Dain vs. Swerve, courtesy of WWE.

Dain gets into words with Top Dollar, giving Swerve the opportunity to hit him from behind.  Dain absorbs it and wipes out Swerve again.  Hit Row again distracts Dain, allowing Swerve to kick Dain to the apron.  They get back in the ring, and Swerve takes over with his speed.

He gets Dain in a chin lock and then kicks him in the face.  He tries again, but Dain catches him.  They trade fists, but Dain takes over and pummels Swerve into the corner and then hits a hard clothesline.  Swerve flips out of another attempted clothesline, but Dain catches him with a crossbody.

Dain tries a high kick, but Swerve dodges and hits a falling facebuster.  Dain responds with a slam and a senton splash.  Adonis tries to interfere, but Maverick hits him with a flying shot from the ring steps.  Top Dollar knocks him out then and distracts Dain, allowing Swerve to hit a single-leg dropkick for the pinfall.

Winner: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

We see Poppy arrive at the building.  Following this, we get McKenzie interviewing Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell, and she asks about Poppy, which pisses off LeRae.  Hartwell then goes on about Dexter Lumis and says he still loves her, so she storms off to go find him.  LeRae is at a loss, saying, "They weren't even a thing?!"

We now go to a video of Cameron Grimes at his own mansion, where he makes his own pitch to Ted DiBiase.  We see him do cannonballs into a pool and then light a cigar with flaming cash.  He coughs from the cigar and chokes on scotch but does it all to impress DiBiase.  This one was funnier than the LA Knight one.

Mercedes Martinez is making her entrance, but she's attacked from behind on the stage by Xia Li.  Li beats her all the way to the ring, but once inside, Martinez rallies and beats Li to the ringside area.  She tosses Li into the crowd, and referees separate them.

Apparently, there was supposed to be a match her and Martinez destroys some jobber with a couple of moves before screaming into the camera, "Xia!  You messed with the wrong woman!"

McKenzie now interviews Breezango backstage.  They make fun of Walter and Imperium, trying to figure out why Walter is so angry all the time?  They decide they need to beat Imperium to get back into the tag title picture.

We now see Ted DiBiase making his way to the ring, surrounded by armed guards.  Either he has something really expensive with him, or he's doing a less-than-impressive Goldberg impression.

Next, we see Triple H and William Regal welcoming Poppy to NXT backstage.  Triple H fanboys to her about her music and asks her when her new album drops?  She whips out her phone, hits a button, and it's released.  Triple H can't believe it and acts like a weird old man.  Dexter Lumis now walks up and hands Poppy a picture he drew of her.  Poppy then hugs Lumis as Indi Hartwell walks up and sees them.  She screams and runs away, and Triple H says, "that was awkward."  Yes, Hunter.  Yes, it was.

NXT Recap-
Triple H is apparently very shaken by human emotions, courtesy of WWE.

Now we see Grimes arrive in a limo, and Knight pulls up next to him in a sports car.  They trash talk to each other as they enter the building.  DiBiase is in the ring already and tells them both to get out there so he can make a "priceless announcement."  The two knuckleheads enter and argue all the way into the ring.

DiBiase tells them that Sunday is the ultimate test, and they will literally climb the ladder of success.  Right then, a gold ladder is lowered from the ceiling, and DiBiase confirms they will be in a ladder match.  Knight says there's nothing he won't do to carry the Million Dollar legacy.  Grimes responds that he cannot be beaten, and he will take the Million Dollar legacy straight to the moon.  He then asks what they're going to be reaching for?  DiBiase tells the guards to bring "it" in, and they bring in an armored case.  DiBiase then opens the case to show off a new Million Dollar Championship belt.  He says whoever wins the ladder match will become the new Million Dollar Champion.

Backstage, Regal and security are breaking up a fight between Kyle O'Reilly and Karrion Kross.  Regal screams, "no more of this!"

Next, we get Ever Rise making asses of themselves like usual and announcing that they will be hosting the TakeOver pre-show.  Yay…

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. August Grey & Ikemen Jiro

Pretty much a total squash until Ciampa and Thatcher show up at ringside with steel chairs.  This distracts Drake and Gibson and momentarily, but they regain their composure and hit Ticket To Mayhem for the pinfall.

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans

After the match, GYV scream at Ciampa and Thatcher that they're done with them and only have their sights on the tag title.  Ciampa says they have to go through them to get to the titles.  They then throw their chairs at the GYV, who respond by challenging Ciampa and Thatcher to a Tornado Tag match next week.  Ciampa accepts, and they charge the ring, but GYV escapes and runs out.

We now see Candice LeRae making her way to the ring entrance.

Next, we see Bobby Fish practicing kickboxing on a heavy bag.  He looks into the camera and tells Oney Lorcan not to think he's forgotten about him.

Candice LeRae makes her way to the ring and cuts a promo about how sick she is of hearing about Poppy.  She accuses her of stealing Dexter Lumis from Indi Hartwell and says because of her, Hartwell has left.  She then demands Poppy come out so they can settle things.

Poppy hits the stage and says she doesn't wrestle but knows someone who does.  Io Shirai's music hits, and Shirai has returned!

She charges the ring and wipes out LeRae, eventually dropkicking her out of the ring.  Shirai and Poppy celebrate in the ring as LeRae runs away.

Dok Hendrix is back with another In Your House Slam Jam, and he announces the updated card for TakeOver.  Nostalgia overload!

NXT Recap-
Dok Hendrix is back, kids! Courtesy of WWE.

We see Poppy and Io Shirai making their way backstage, and they run into NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai.  Gonzalez and Shirai have a big staredown before going their separate ways.

Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai

They charge each other right away, and Kai dodges a dropkick from Moon.  They take swings at each other before choking each other all over the ring.  Kai slams Moon into the corner and hits a running boot to her for one.  Kai beats her into the corner and does a foot choke before the ref breaks it up.

NXT Preview For 6/8- The Final Stretch To NXT TakeOver: In Your House
Ember Moon will face Dakota Kai tonight on NXT, courtesy of WWE.

Kai steps on Moon's throat to choke her, but Moon kicks her in the face and fights back.  Kai tries a hip toss, but Moon lands it and dropkicks her.  Moon takes over with kicks and punches and hits a running splash in the corner.  Kai slips out of the ring and pulls Moon into the ring post.

Kai is now all over Moon with stomps and slamming her face into the mat.  Kai hits a step kick and tries a pin but only gets two.  She then gets Moon in a waist lock, but Moon turns it into a pin attempt for two.  Kai gets a standing chin lock on, but Moon slams her off.  She then hits a slam, followed by a dropkick.

Moon then hits a Codebreaker from the corner for two.  Kai hits a snap mare and a kick to the back, but Moon dodges the front kick and hits a flipping jawbreaker.  She gets a Dragon Sleeper locked in on Kai, but Kai reverses into a spinning neck breaker for two.

Kai hits a series of kicks to Moon and a running boot in the corner for two.  She gets Moon on her shoulders, but Moon escapes and hits a powerbomb for two.  Kai rolls outside, and Moon follows, leading to Gonzalez trying to kick her.  Moon dodges and punches the champ.  She then hits a running suicide dive from the ring, knocking Kai and Gonzalez into the table.

She gets Kai back in the ring and goes up for the Eclipse, but Gonzalez kicks her off the top rope, leading to a disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Ember Moon

Moon brawls with Gonzalez and Kai after the match.  Gonzalez tries the single-arm powerbomb, but Moon reverses and drops her with a jawbreaker.  She then goes to the top rope and hits an Eclipse on Gonzalez to knock her out cold.

Next, we see Karrion Kross and Scarlett backstage.  Kross tells his opponents they don't have to wait until Sunday to get Flatlined.  He challenges them all to meet him in the ring now.

William Regal and Karrion Kross face-off in the ring, with Regal saying he runs NXT and he's not allowing this to go on tonight.  Kross says he doesn't run anything, and this show has been out of control for a long time.  He says he's not leaving until he kicks all of his opponent's asses tonight.

Kyle O'Reilly comes out taunting Kross, saying he's insecure cause he's going to take his title.  Johnny Gargano arrives through the crowd and stands on the announce table to taunt both of them.  He asks Kross why he's allowing O'Reilly to talk to him like that?  He tells him he should go choke him out.  Kross calls him a mark and tells him to get in the ring.

Pete Dunne arrives now and tells them all to shut up, and it's his time to become champion.  Adam Cole appears on the video screen and says he won't appear with all these guys he's beaten.  He tells Kross he's an idiot, and he's afraid to face him alone.  Cole brags that he can beat any of them to become champion and doesn't even have to pin Kross.

O'Reilly calls Cole a bitch, but says that's not him before slapping Kross.  Kross decks him, and they all start brawling as security tries to break them up.  Kross Saito Slams, everyone, including the security guards!  Two guards hold Kross as Gargano and Dunne kick him.  O'Reilly knocks them both out, but Kross nails him from behind, becoming the lone man standing.

That is until Adam Cole appears and superkicks Kross.  Cole grabs the title belt and holds it up, screaming, "ADAM COLE BAY-BAY!" as NXT goes off the air.

Cool final segment!  I liked the chaos and real fight feel of it all.  Good stuff!

So NXT TakeOver: In Your House is live on Peacock this Sunday night, and we will be calling it live here on Bleeding Cool!

Till next time friends!

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