SmackDown Preview 10/22: WWE Promises The Beginning Of A New Era

Hey gang!  So even though the 2021 WWE Draft was concluded on October 4, the new draftees would not debut on their new rosters until after WWE Crown Jewel.  Now seeing as Crown Jewel wrapped up yesterday afternoon, all eyes are now on SmackDown as tonight, we will finally see the 2021 WWE Draft come to fruition with the debut of an all-new roster tonight on Fox.

SmackDown Preview For 10/22: WWE Promises The Beginning Of A New Era
A new era begins for the blue brand with the "season premiere" of SmackDown tonight at 8 pm on Fox, courtesy of WWE.

Being billed as a "season premiere", tonight's episode of SmackDown should be exciting, if for no other reason than that feeling you get when you get to play with new toys.  Now, will the toys be used appropriately and according to the directions on the box that clearly states how to make them work properly?  Or will they be smashed and broken in no time because an old guy whose name rhymes with Mince is trying to force them into something that doesn't fit at all, thus rendering them totally un-fun?

All that aside, while we have no announced matches to look forward to tonight (they're literally just getting off 20-hour flights and arriving at the arena now, so we can give them a break this week), we can instead look forward to seeing former Raw stars like Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, Shayna Baszler, Sheamus, and the current Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair making a name for themselves on SmackDown.  At the same time, we can also look forward to the main roster debuts of former NXT stars like Hit RowXia Li, and Ridge Holland, who were all drafted to SmackDown.

To see how the "New Era" begins, tune in to SmackDown tonight at 8 pm on Fox!

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