The New York Giants Name Dave Gettleman Their General Manager

The NFL is interesting in that some people get second and third chances no matter what they do while others are one and done. John Fox is a good example of that. Fox went from being the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants (1997-2001) to becoming the head coach for the Carolina Panthers (2002 – 2010) and then was fired and immediately hired as the head coach for the Denver Broncos (2011 – 2014) and then was fired and immediately hired as the head coach for the Chicago Bears (2015 – present). And if the Bears let him go this year, he will probably at least get a few interviews this year. Dave Gettleman is another one of those guys. He was fired as General Manager by the Carolina Panthers just before this season began. Though he did a good job of getting the club out of salary cap trouble, his handling of player personnel issues left something to be desired. Today he was announced as the new General Manager for the New York Giants and the first question he got was how he was going to handle Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.

GiantsGettleman is a good mind and evaluater of talent. He spent many years as a scout before moving into the front office where he worked for the Giants before joining the Panthers in 2013. Paired with the right coach, he can be a good general manager if there is a strong owner who is actively involved. He seems to be a numbers guys who wants to build a team from the trenches out. He'll pay big money for a lineman and almost nothing for a defensive back or wide receiver. He has no problem making the tough decisions, letting players go when they are no longer what the team needs. But he seems to lack the personal skills to make those cuts without alienating the players being let go. When he was fired by the Panthers, a good number of players, the ones beloved by Panthers-fans, cheered Gettleman's departure. Among those being Deangelo Williams and Steve Smith.

The Giants are at a major turning point as a franchise. They need strong leadership and they will need to make some tough decisions involving long-time players. These are decisions that Gettleman is more than capable of making. But there needs to be a strong voice reminding him that these are people and that both fans and other players take not of how veteran players are treated. If fan favorites are cut constantly for monetary concerns and without any respect, those same fans will stop showing up to the games. And free agent players will decide to go elsewhere rather than being mistreated in New York.

The interesting thing will be to see who they choose to be the head coach. I bet they'd interview John Fox if he became available.


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