Truth Seekers: Nick Frost, Malcolm McDowell & More Talk Amazon Series

New York Comic Con (NYCC) Metaverse debuted a virtual panel with some stars of the upcoming Amazon original seriesTruth Seekers. The panel included one of the creators and a star of the series, Nick Frost, along with his co-stars; Emma D'Arcy who plays Astrid, Samson Kayo who plays Elton, Malcolm McDowell who plays Richard, and Susan Wokoma who plays Helen. The cast discussed not only their thoughts on the upcoming premiere of Truth Seekers but also discussed what makes them excited about their individual roles. Simon Pegg, a co-creator, co-star, and longtime friend/creative partner with Frost, was not in the panel but was mentioned by Frost on the creative influences for the show.

Truth Seekers NYCC Panel Finds The Comedy In The Horror
NYCC Panel for the Amazon Original, Truth Seekers. Source: YouTube

Truth Seekers revolves around the journey of a part-time paranormal investigative team that begins to unknowingly run into an apocalyptic conspiracy that sets the series up for a fun ride.  Frost began with describing his inspiration for the series as having a lot to do horror from a young age, saying "I love being afraid". Not many people out there would say the same, but that's what seems to set Frost and co-partner, Pegg, apart from other duos in the horror-comedy genre. Frost discussed what has inspired himincluding The X-Files and how the creators of that show "painted a big arc about Mulder and Scully". Frost looks to have something not too dissimilar from that concept in this series.

Truth Seekers NYCC Panel Finds The Comedy In The Horror
Promotional image for Amazon's original series, Truth Seekers. Source: Amazon

Kayo talked about his own experience with the paranormal, mainly involving his Nigerian mother. He laughed as he talked about her stories of witnessing mermaids by the sea and how his view on her stories has changed over the years, especially now being involved in this series. The panel was asked the general question on the topic of experiences in the paranormal, which brought up the interesting topic of sleep paralysis by Wokoma and how she saw things as young as six years old. Experiences and what horror or paranormal power is drawn out from those moments were also discussed by the panel.

Truth Seekers NYCC Panel Finds The Comedy In The Horror
Image from Truth Seekers trailer. Source: Amazon

The cast talks about how the individual lives of their characters intertwine in this supernatural tale, such as D'Arcy's character discovering the supernatural enthusiasts in Kayo and Frost's characters, or "those two weirdos" as she says. The personalities and backgrounds are to be revealed as the series goes along according to Frost, while also adding on how much he loved the acting done by D'Arcy. McDowell adds to the conversation on his experience by saying "if you aren't having fun, then the audience isn't having any fun". A well-made point by McDowell on what audiences can hope to experience in this series, having pure fun during each episode. Truth Seekers premieres on Amazon Prime Video on October 30th, a perfect Halloween binge-watch. Refer below for a video of the entire NYCC panel discussion on the series, and let us know what you're excited to see in the comments below!

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