WWE Talking Smack Returns with Kayla Braxton and Xavier Woods

Rumors of the return of Talking Smack have been confirmed by WWE. The company announced that the show will return Saturday morning to discuss the happenings on Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown. With Renee Young leaving the company and Daniel Bryan doing… whatever the heck he's doing these days… WWE needed new hosts, and they've tapped Kayla Braxton and Xavier Woods for the job.

Daniel Bryan EXPOSES A J Styles as a FLAT EARTHER
Daniel Bryan EXPOSES A J Styles as a FLAT EARTHER

From the press release:

Return of the Smack.

Beginning tomorrow morning, WWE Talking Smack will be back in the lives of the WWE Universe and available to stream anytime on the Free Version of WWE Network.

Join hosts Kayla Braxton and Xavier Woods as they welcome your favorite Superstars and react to what promises to be an exciting episode of Friday Night SmackDown as it makes its debut inside the WWE ThunderDome just two days before SummerSlam.

Don't miss the return of Talking Smack, streaming on demand Saturday morning on the Free Version of WWE Network!

Talking Smack brought us many great moments during its original incarnation, including an amazing promo on Daniel Bryan by The Miz that basically turned Miz's entire career around, but the all-time greatest segment was the time Young and Bryan accosted AJ Styles for his Flat Eartherism.

"I do not think the world is flat," said Styles after Bryan accused him of subscribing to the popular conspiracy theory that the Earth is actually flat. "I'm just saying there's some stuff about it, that's all."

"The Earth is a sphere," Bryan later explained to Styles, who responded, "Okay."

"It moves on an axis," added Young.

"Okay," Styles responded again. "I'm not a flat-Earther. I'm just saying, there's some things about it that make sense."

It will be tough to top that, but Styles is still with WWE and on SmackDown, so maybe Braxton and Woods should have him on and have a go at him for some of his other crazy beliefs. Talking Smack returns tomorrow on the WWE Network.

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