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The Mandalorian: Is Baby Yoda the Turn &#8211 Or the Prestige [OPINION]

"The Mandalorian": Is Baby Yoda the Turn – Or the Prestige? [OPINION]

Disney +'s The Mandalorian is a runaway hit live-action series. Set in the Star Wars universe and set just a few years after the Battle of Endor, it follows the adventures of a foundling-turned-Mandalorian who hunts down bounties, lives by a code, and is quick with a blaster and with a bon mot. The following […]

The Mandalorian: Bleeding Cools Glossary of Terms/Phrases You Should Know [PART 1]

"The Mandalorian": Bleeding Cool's Glossary of Terms/Phrases You Should Know [PART 1]

The Mandalorian appears to be the cornerstone of the original programming available at launch on Disney+. Its enticing mix of spaghetti western, epic samurai, and space wizard movies has an undeniable appeal. The series is the epitome of visual storytelling and almost eschews dialogue. The tight word economy seems to reflect the tough times we […]

Mondo Takes Jurassic Park Fists of Fury Exclusives to Designer Con

Mondo Takes "Jurassic Park", "Fists of Fury" Exclusives to Designer Con

Art and toy aficionados will descend on the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend for the annual Designer Con. In the past few years, it's become one of the lower-key shows that features fantastic art and toys by over 500 vendors and some big-name artists. Mondo will be joining in the fun again this year and […]

Star Wars: New Footage from The Rise of Skywalker TV Spot

"Star Wars": New Footage from "The Rise of Skywalker" TV Spot

New footage was unveiled on Instagram from Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, which is set to hit theaters on December 20. The clip begins by revisiting the clip from the end of the final trailer for the movie which has Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac, asking Anthony Daniels' C-3PO what he's doing, and the […]

Mondo Announces Next Gallery Show Centered on Pixar

Mondo Announces Next Gallery Show Centered on Pixar

Mondo just closed two big-name shows yesterday, one focused on Charlie Brown artist Charles M. Schulz and a second collaboration with one of their longest-term collaborators, Belgian illustrator Laurent Durieux. The big-name collaborations won't stop any time soon as they've announced that their next gallery show, held in conjunction with the fine folks at Cyclops […]

Mondo Adds Podcast Posters to Offerings Tanuka Gaslight on Sale Now

Mondo Adds Podcast Posters to Offerings, Tanuka "Gaslight" on Sale Now

Mondo announced today that, in partnership with QCode Media and Apple Podcasts, they will offer a poster for an episodic podcast titled Gaslight that is launching today. This is a departure from Mondo, purveyors of alternate posters from the pop culture world. Most of the posters they've sold in the past have been inspired by […]

Disney History Hidden Gems You Mightve Missed on Disney+

Disney History "Hidden Gems" You Might've Missed on Disney+

There are buried gems beyond The Mandalorian and the MCU on Disney+. Looking back at some of the older material, all of which was probably handpicked to test the appetite of subscribers for older programs, is well worth the time. Among the gems are episodes of older Disney television shows. For instance, the 1966 episode […]

Disney+: Sorry But Streamers Still Missing a Few Things&#8230 [PART 1]

Disney+: Sorry, But Streamer's Still Missing a Few Things… [PART 1]

Disney+ is a remarkable repository of mostly amazing, occasionally really strange content. It was a little shocking to consider, in the days preceding the launch, the sheer volume of what they had planned for inclusion. Witness, for instance, the 3-hour YouTube video released which has a short clip of the movies, TV shows, and shorts […]

The Mandalorian: Beskar and the Single Mandalorian [SPOILER THOUGHTS]

"The Mandalorian": Beskar and the Single Mandalorian [SPOILER THOUGHTS]

There's a lot to unpack in the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian. From the spaghetti western and samurai influences to the deep Star Wars lore that's on display, there is plenty to consider. A word we hear early in the first episode, as some unsavory thugs are trying to intimidate the titular star of the […]