A Shorter Third Season And A New Title Sequence For The Strain


Hugh Sheridan writes,

In attendance at the Strain's 2016 panel were actors Kevin Durand (Vasily Fet) , Ruta Gudmintas (Dutch), Richard Sammel (Eichhorst) and Miguel Gomez (Gus) as well as producers Chuck Hogan (who co-wrote the original books with Gillermo Del Toro ) and Carlton Cuse.

First off – Carlton Cuse announced that this season will only have 10 episodes because now the world is aware of the threat it "increases the narrative velocity" of the show and allows it to be "kickass all the time".  He said this season the show develops in to an "all out battle for the soul of New York and the world beyond that".

Then they showed some video  – firstly a joke rap video with Durand, Gomez and David Bradley (Setrakian) appearing and rapping in character  – complete with dancing strigoi chicks. It was pretty well done – the elderly Bradley' contributions are particularly hilarious and it's sure to show up on Youtube before long.

Next they showed the first act from the first episode of the upcoming season:



The main takeaways from the video are that it has still been only 30 days since the outbreak, Fet is working with a military unit to clear the Strigoi out from the underground, Eph is back drinking and still has not been able to destroy his strigoiified son and his anti- strigoi virus is losing its effiency

The clip also debuted the shows new, propulsive and well designed title sequence which the crowd in Ballroom 20 responded very well to.

Other takeaways from the subsequent Q& A were:

Quinlan will be a big part of the upcoming season and we can expect to see flashbacks featuring him that connect him to the various players.

He starts working with Setrakian and gets involved in the "whole ultimate plan of the season- to destroy the Master" – Cuse.

Cuse also said that Bolivar, who became the new host of the Master at the end of the last season, will face an "identity crisis" starting in the very first episode.

Durand hinted that his character will struggle and face a major loss in upcoming episodes.

The characters of Dutch and Eph will have a lot of scenes together as they both recover, it not necessarily healthy ways from the traumas of the end of last season.

Gomez hinted that his character may have to deal with the loss of his mother, whom he has been keeping alive despite the fact that she is a Strigoi.

Durand was asked if his character will have any new relationships, he was reluctant to reveal any spoilers but he did say "I made a deal with my wife – whenever I have to kiss another actress in my job I have to buy her a new bag. I have been buying a lot of new bags for her this year"

Gomez was asked the same question "let's just say I won't be buying anyone any bags" he said.


The panel ended with the announcement that the new season will debut on FX August 28th at 10pm.