Let's Take A Look At NECA's Back To The Future Marty Figure

Back To The Future is celebrating its 35th anniversary right now. Maybe the most important film of the '80s, fans, and collectors have been begging and pleading for some kind of figure line for years, and finally, earlier this year, NECA revealed that they were bringing their signature high-end style to a line of Back To The Future figures. Shown off for the first time at New York Toy Fair that feels like it took place 5 years ago at this point, they teased many figures coming, and since they secured likeness rights, these would be the definitive BTTF figures we have always hoped for. They are hitting stores now, and we got our hands on Marty McFly from the iconic original film. So, let's take a look and see why you should add this one to your shelf ASAP.

NECA's Back To The Future Line Kicks Off With A Bang

As always, NECA knocks the packaging out of the park. I don't know why, but the Ultimate boxes just fill me with joy when I see them. Poster art on the front, great figure photography on the back, and once the flap is open, a perfect window box showing off the entire figure and accessories. Back To The Future fans who keep this MOC will be forgiven, although they will be missing out. Just the sheer amount of stuff you can do with this guy with what comes in the box will blow you away.

Right off the bat, Marty is easy to pose and features one of the most accurate sculpts and detail-laden figure NECA has ever done. Right down to the pigment of the jeans and vest, this could not be more perfect. My only wish is that somehow they could have gotten a Nike swoosh on the shoes. That is not even a knock on the figure though, we all understand why it is missing. Everything else about the look of the figure is great; they nailed the likeness, no picture does it justice. I do prefer the sunglasses head, though; it just makes Marty look cool. Besides the Nike logo, they went through the process and got everything else covered, though, including the ones from his skateboard. It is that attention to detail that will keep collectors coming back to this Back To The Future line. As far as those accessories go, they are well crafted except for the video camera strap. Be careful; mine broke almost instantly. The backpack and guitar rest very well on his shoulders though, and the interchangeable parts swap out more easily than any other NECA figure I have ever owned.

Let's Take A Look At NECA's Back To The Future Marty Figure
Marty McFly

What else is there to say about this one? It's fantastic, and a must-own. Also available right now in the Back To The Future line is a BTTF 2 future Marty, 1955 Biff, and Target exclusive (for now) Tales From Space yellow jumpsuit Marty. 1955 Doc is coming soon, and I guess the question is this: how deep will the line go? How deep SHOULD it go? I would say BTTF 3 Marty and Doc for sure, and fingers crossed for Lorraine and 1955 George. But past that? Who knows. For now, grab this one while you can here.



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