DuckTales Scrooge McDuck Gets His Own Statue From Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom is taking fans back to Duckburg with their newest Disney Master Craft statue. This time, DuckTales Scrooge McDuck comes to life with this beautifully sculpted 16-inch tall statue. Whether you're a fan of the late 1980s cartoon or the new reimagined 2017 version with David Tennant voicing a Scrooge McDuck, this is a statue for you. The statue is packed with high amounts of detail and, of course, plenty of gold. Scrooge McDuck is showcased holding his first-ever 10 cents that he owned all he stands on his fortune. Beast Kingdom captures the detail quite well in this DuckTales statue with bright blues and reds of Scrooge McDuck's outfit. Each gold coin is sculpted just right and adds that extra shine needed for Scrooge. The statue will be limited to only 3000 pieces, and DuckTales fans will be able to see their number on the gold bar at the base.

I really hope that Beast Kingdom continues making more Premium Master Craft DuckTales statues. It would be amazing to see another statue with the three boys, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, another with Launchpad McQuack, and of course Donald Duck. The DuckTales cartoon always captivated me as a kid, and these would be an amazing collectible to add to my very own collection. Standing 16 inches tall, this will definitely be a talking point for anyone who looks at your collection. The Master Craft DuckTales Scrooge McDuck Statue from Beast Kingdom is priced at $199.99. No release date is known, but DuckTales fans will be able to find Scrooge here.

"Duck Tales, a seminal animation of the late 1980s and reimagined again in 2017 for a brand new generation of fans, revolves around the Donald Duck family. After enlisting in the US Navy, Donald entrusts his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie with his own uncle Scrooge McDuck. A money loving, Scottish aristocrat, he is always in pursuit of increasing his wealth, and also maintaining it! Seeing how thrill seeking the three young brothers are, Scrooge McDuck often gets tangled in their escapades of treasure hunting and world trotting, yet always manages to return to the comfort of his mountain of coins he stashes away in his vault. A vaulted stash so large he usually swims in it!"

"The MC Scrooge McDuck recreates the finest details of the character, from the clothing of the self-proclaimed gentleman to the piles of golden coins he stands atop of. No details are spared, and exclusively for long-term eagle eyed fans, Uncle Scrooge is seen holding the very first coin he earned as a child. Standing at nearly 41cm in height, this Master Craft release is for fans of Scrooge and his taste for wealth, so make sure he is added to your Master Craft collection today!"

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