Catwoman Gets A New QFig from Quantum Mechanix That's Purr-fect

Quantum Mechanix has shown off its newest DC Comics Q-Fig statue. Catwoman is going elite with her newest 5" tall statue. She will be based on her appearance from the hit  Batman: The Animated Series cartoon. She is placed on a rooftop diorama base with cats and her newest bounty. This statue also pays homage to their original Catwoman Q-Fig statue. This statue might be small but it is packed with detail that any DC Comics fan can appreciate. The cat gargoyle is a nice touch and her added feline friend makes this a very friendly and fun collectible for any Catwoman fan. The Batman Animated Series Catwoman Statue is priced at $29.99. Pre-orders will be going live soon and you can find her located here. Don't forget to check out some of the other amazing DC Quantum Mechanix Q-Fig pieces as well to build up your DC collection.

Catwoman Plays For Keeps with New QFig from Quantum Mechanix
Credit: Quantum Mechanix

"Inspired by her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, the Catwoman Q-Fig Elite features Selina Kyle accompanied by her true loves – a pack of friendly felines and one massive gemstone liberated from a local collector. We've sculpted Catwoman to purr-fectly capture her mischievous malfeasance, as well as render a high degree of detail into her costume, the kitties, and the gargoyle she's standing upon."

"Those collectors who have been with us since the beginning may notice a more-than-passing resemblance to our original Catwoman Q-Fig, done and gone many years back. That classic Q-Fig has achieved legendary status as our rarest Q-Fig, and our new Catwoman takes the story and pose from that much-beloved figure and reimagines it using our current state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques."

"The Catwoman Q-Fig Elite brings Catwoman's story to life on your shelves like never before with QMx's proprietary Everstone™ polymer, allowing for minute details and intricate sculpting not possible with traditional materials. The Catwoman Q-Fig Elite stands approximately 5 inches tall including the display base. Collect Catwoman, The Last Knight and the rest of our DC Q-Figs today!"

'Why Elite? Our Q-Fig Elite dioramas take everything that makes Q-Figs special – the inventiveness, detail, movement, and storytelling – to bring them to a whole new level. Action is bolder, sculpts are more intricate, costumes, poses, environments and character interactions go beyond anything you've seen before in a collectible figure. Q-Fig Elite is a revolution.'

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