Let's Take A Look At The New NECA Creepshow Figure

Creepshow is one of those horror films that people love, but it tends to be forgotten a bit. Maybe the best anthology film in horror, that first film featured top-notch talent telling some fantastic stories, and also some of the best practical effects you will ever see. The sequel is terrible and best forgotten, really. So it was a pleasant surprise when Shudder resurrected it as a show. It has redeemed the name of Creepshow, and it was inevitable that fans and collectors would eventually get some collectibles from the show. NECA has obliged us with a new Creepshow Creeper figure, so let's take a look at it and see if it is worthy of your horror displays.

Creepshow For A New Generation

I love the box for this figure. Set up like a 10-cent horror comics, the box is relatively small, but I like it that way. The key art of the Creeper is fantastic on the front, and it is refreshing for this one to be in a straight window box. It might not be the most exciting package that NECA has ever given us, but it fits for this Creepshow figure. It will look nice in any MOC collection.

Once out of the package, The Creeper comes alive. The sculpting work on this figure is so well-done. To truly take it all in, you have to take his robe off, which thankfully is easy to do. He comes with three accessories: a lantern, a skull, and a Creepshow comic book. All have great detail, but the comic is such a standout. As far as articulation goes, he is easy to pose and balance, and I especially like the robe having some wire in it, so it rests well no matter how you have him. With 25 points of articulation, you can do pretty much anything you can think of. The hair is wild, as to be expected with fabric hair, but that really matches the character when it is wild and unkempt.

Auto Draft
"What a comic!"

Overall this guy is a ton of fun. While maybe not as exciting as a new Jason figure, this one is an important piece of horror lore and deserves a spot on in your collection. You can order the new NECA Creepshow figure right here.

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