Dark Phoenix Has Been Resurrected with New Kotobukiya Statue [PREVIEW]

"The Dark Phoenix Saga" is a classic X-Men story that most comic fans know. The creation of the Phoenix showed the fall of Jean Grey one of the beloved original X-Men. Jean Grey's time as the Phoenix did conclude with her death and it was a death that stayed around for decades in Marvel Comics. Kotobukiya has been releasing some amazing statues recently.

From Luke Skywalker, Nightwing, Poison Ivy and so much more. This one, however, takes the cake for me with the Dark Phoenix Bishouju 1/7th scale statue. The statue shows off Jean Grey in her Phoenix state surrounded by flames. The Boshouju series gives us an anime-styled statue, which I don't mind. Jean is posed with action and she gives off a sinister expression. The flames here are the real winner with the see-through color and reds and oranges that pop. The statue itself is roughly 9" tall, and that is a pretty decent size for all the deatil Kotobukiya packed into the statue. This is a must-have for any X-Men fan, Marvel fan or fan of the Dark Phoenix.

The Kotobukiya Boshouju Dark Phoenix 1/7th Scale Statue is priced around $120. She is scheduled for a March 2020 release date. Preorders are not live just yet but when they do they will be located here.

"They're right to fear me."


Dark Phoenix returns to Kotobukiya's BISHOUJO series as a 1/7 scale statue, based on a brand-new illustration by illustrator Shunya Yamashita.

The sharp look in the Phoenix's eyes and her tightly closed lips along with the power emanating from her fingertips perfectly showcases Dark Phoenix's immense power while the Phoenix Force that makes up her base resembles that of a phoenix itself.

Enjoy this beautiful yet dark representation of Dark Phoenix. Preorder this all-new BISHOUJO statue now! ©2019 MARVEL Available March 2020.

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