Expand Iron Man's Hall of Armor with New Hot Toys Cosbi Minis

Iron Man 3 gets a bad rap in the MCU, but I truly enjoyed the film as it explored Tony's tragedy. One of the best parts of the film was the debut of the House Party Protocol, showing off all the new suits Tony Stark has created. I am surprised we have not seen more of these suits as collectibles, and I think fans would love to get their hands on them. Building up my own Hall of Armor collection has been a dream, and it is possible with some of Hasbro's Marvel Legends comic book figures. However, when it comes to the MCU, there is not much offered, but Hot Toys is trying. A new set of Cosbi Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor minis has been revealed as Series 2 is here with even more suits of armor. 

The Iron Man Hall of Armor Series 2 set will consist of the Mark XVII (Heartbreaker), Mark XXI (Midas), Mark XXXIII (Silver Centurion), Mark XXXVII (Hammerhead), Mark XXXVIII (Igor), Mark XXXIX (Starboost), Mark XLII, and Iron Patriot. As usual, a Mystery Cosbi is included in these mystery bling bagged figures, and this sets is Tony Stark himself. All of these mini are roughly 3" tall and are cute, adorable, and packed with color. If you love Iron Man, then these Mystery Cosbi's are for you, and they are usually only offered in overseas territories. Fans can find all Hot Toys collectibles right here as well, like the new Neon Iron Man 1/6 scale figure. 

"Iron Man 3 – Iron Man Cosbi Bobble-Head Collection (Series 2) – Tony Stark's greatest creation is his extensive gallery of advanced armored suits, from the clunky Mark I and the sleek Mark VII to armors created for specific situations. The latest Iron Man Cosbi Bobble-Head Collection (Series 2) inspired by the signature armors from Tony's workshop is a continuation of its previous miniature line up!"

"Features Mark XVII (Heartbreaker), Mark XXI (Midas), Mark XXXIII (Silver Centurion), Mark XXXVII (Hammerhead), Mark XXXVIII (Igor), Mark XXXIX (Starboost), Mark XLII, Iron Patriot and Tony Stark (Mystery) Cosbi. Each random package box includes a 7.5 cm tall Cosbi collectible of your favorite characters, a special collection card, and a connectable puzzle base, comes sealed in a foil bag and blind boxed to preserve the rarity and collectability of the series. Available in selected markets only. Upgrade your Hall of Armors with the latest Iron Man Cosbi today!"

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