Waxwork Records New Spinature Line Warms Horror Collectors Hearts

Waxwork Records is dipping their toe into the collectibles market with the new Spinatures line of figures. Scratch that, they are going whole hog. With this first figure of Frankenstein and at least ten more teased, this line of collectible figures is going to be around for a long time. That is okay with us horror fans; we don't need an excuse to spend money ever. Made to sit on top of your vinyl while playing on a turntable, these figures are for anyone who not only plays records but as we will see from the Spinatures figure, they were kind enough to send over for us to look at; these are great for horror fans as well.

Spinatures Are A Great Concept

First off, this packaging is fantastic. Coming in a nice square box, if you never wanted to open this, you would be forgiven. The figure is nicely posed in the box, behind a window box that shows off Frankenstein in a spectacular way. The box art by Robert Sammelin could not be more perfect, and there are great little touches that will warm the Monster Kid hearts. This Spinatures package was made with collectors in mind, that is for sure.

We open our toys here tough, so once Frank is out of the box, you can see that this is no ordinary collectible. Look at that sculpt! The level of detail shocked me; I especially love the eyes and how they are half open and sunken. This was made with love, and the fact that they didn't colorize him shows how much they cared. The best part of these is even if you don't own a turntable, this is such a nice figure that it should be owned anyway. The bottom, of course, features a spot to place the figure on your turntable, along with the Spinatures logo. How does it look on the turntable? See below.

These Spinatures figures are sure to be hits, as long as word gets out on them. At $24, one might balk. But for this high of quality, as long as they keep it up, that is chump change. With this being the first from Waxwork, they have some work to do to get these into collector's hands. I hope they do, though, as something featuring this good a sculpt needs to be in collectors' hands. For more info on Spinatures and to order Frankenstein for yourself, go here.

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