My Hero Academia Hero Midnight Exclusive Funko Has Arrived

My Hero Academia has been a huge spectacle this season from the raid to the UA Festival. Unfortunately fans of the dubbed version have had to wait due to the pandemic to get the episodes to finish the season. However, it looks like they have something new to buy their time with as the Galactic Toys My Hero Academia Exclusive Funko Pop is here. This exclusive as a definite surprise but a welcome one as the hero Midnight gets her debut. This seductive teacher is ready to put these kids in line and have a little too much fun doing it. So let's jump on in with our newest Funko Pop review.

The box is pretty similar to the newest wave of My Hero Academia figures that have been released last year. There is a Galactic Toys Collectibles Exclusive sticker on the window and besides that there's nothing new. The figure itself is quite busty and definitely a step up in the Funko Pop game. She's wearing her hero costume as well as wearing her handcuffs and whips in her hand. Her hair is very dynamic with different sculpted layers that really brings the character to life. We are only looking at a Pop design but this is a great one figure for such a unique My Hero Academia character. They even captured the mole on her left cheek just under her mask too. Even the suit itself is pretty detailed from the different colors to the sculpting of her curves. Funko mentioned during the New York Toy Fair that their animation line was going to be one of their top priorities this year and they have not disappointing yet.

The Funko team really designed this character well and will be a perfect addition to any My Hero Academia fans collection. I do like how they are expanding the roster with new characters instead of just changing the costume of most known ones. They have definitely pulled deep from the world with her as well as other characters like Eijiro Kirishima, Dabi, and Mei Hatsume. I'm sure we'll see more exclusives for the My Hero Academia Funko series as well as more exclusive to come from Galactic Toys. This figure IS still available online and you can add her to your collection today here.

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