Hasbro's Fortnite Collection Are Worthy Battle Royale Collectibles

Fortnite is one of the biggest online games around, which was initially a simple free Battle Royale game into a worldwide phenomenon. I was on the train at the beginning with its wide variety of unique skins, fun map, and high-paced gameplay. It is not often that companies can capture the magic from on-screen play to your shelves. Jazwares has had the rights to Fortnite for quite some time, but it wasn't until Hasbro released their Victory Royale Series that things really started to get interesting. Hasbro was kind enough to send us some of their impressive Fortnite collectibles, and I was honestly blown away, so let's dive in.

Starting thing off first is some of the non-action figure collectibles with some unique crossover items with Monopoly and NERF. Both items capture the magic of the Battle Royale in new formats, with iconic blasters coming to life right from the game. Things then get more interesting with the Collectors Edition Monopoly game with Fortnite-themed characters, cards, and locations to add some off-screen fun. They will both include special DLC that can also be unlocked in-game with camos and other bling to help you win in style. Items like this are a fun way to incorporate the game's unique style and mechanics into the real world which makes them perfect bonding tools for dedicated Fortnite kids out there. With the holiday season coming, these are perfect items to add to any list, and the Monopoly game can be found here with a whole assortment of NERF guns available here.

However, the Fortnite fun really starts to pick up with their impressive line of Battle Royale Series figures. Each figure comes in the new Eco-Friendly Hasbro packaging that limits the plastic whiles boasting up the art. The first wave of solo figures consists of four characters with Lynx, Rippley, Chaos Agent, and Midas Rex. With plenty of figures to choose from, I wanted to showcase two with Lynx and Midas Rex, which each really brings something special to the table. All of the Battle Royale Contestants will come with accessories with a weapon, back bling, and another piece that varies. For Lynx, we get a P90, pickaxe, and some back bling pack, but for Midas, we get a sword, back bling cape, and a secondary head. The articulation on these figures is incredible, with double-jointed elbows and legs that can capture some nice flexible poses.

I already knew Lynx would impress me since I loved the character design from my days playing Fortnite. I was pleased with her design being captured right off the screen, impeccable articulation, and a nice set of accessories to help her in any situation. Midas, on the other hand, really caught me off guard as he also came with two revolvers which really changed the character up. This weird preppy bounty hunter is now a whole new figure with a shiny set of armor that only gets enhanced with that mask on. Fortnite's original character designs are what really made the game stand out, and I am glad Hasbro moved onto some of the game's iconic female sculpts. The Battle Royale Series is an incredible example of how to capture the magic of a video game property, and I'm excited to see what else Hasbro has in store for the series. Collectors can find all of these figures and more right here, and stay tuned for more Hasbro Fortnite reviews coming your way as we show off some Deluxe figures next.

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