Original 1979 Alien Big Chap Finally Arrives at Hiya Toys

The Alien that started it all, Big Chap, from the original 1979 film Alien has finally arrived as the newest Hiya Toys figure. This 1:18 scale figure will come is at roughly 4.5" tall, is highly detailed and articulated. Hiya Toys put a lot of deal into this figure and I can't wait to get my hands on one. It does look like he could have an adjustable jaw that will allow his "tongue" to extend out. That is a great addition to this figure and requires a lot of dedication to accomplish such a task. The color and the shading is another plus with all of the shine and to pay a lot of respect to the original film.

The Alien Hiya Toys series is not as extensive as some of their other lines like Predator of RoboCop. There are only a couple aliens out but they are either Colonial Marines or creatures from the Alien prequel films. I hope this means we will start seeing more iconic Alien figures later on. I would love to see the red aliens from the Aliens: Genocide comic book series or Grid from Alien vs Predator. Science Fiction fans will be happy to see these creatures get their time back in the collectible spotlight yet again. Hiya Toys knows what they are doing with this series and I hope we can see more soon. The Big Chap figure is a PX Exclusive and will be priced at $19.99. Pre-orders are already live and you can find him located here.

"From Hiya Toys. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! The one who started it all! Hiya Toys presents, from Ridley Scott's 1979 film Alien, the original Xenomorph, the Big Chap! This inhuman creature, designed by H.R. Giger, comes to life with a figure that captures the creature's iconic look with a fully poseable body and detailed paintwork at a 4 1/2" size!"

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