New York Toy Fair: Hiya Toys and Beast Kingdom Show off at Previews World Booth

Housed in the Previews World booth with Diamond, both Hiya Toys and Beast Kingdom brought some of their latest offerings to show off at New York Toy Fair this weekend. Hiya Toys brought some of their Spring and Winter 2019 releasing figures in their Alien and Predator articulated figure lines. The Predator 2 figures and Alien eggs look particularly excellent, as does their Alien: Covenant Xenomorph. They do really great detail work, as can also be seen on their DC Comics Injustice figures. The Swamp Thing figure is the standout to me here, but Harley Quinn is also looking great.

Beast Kingdom brought along a bucnch of offerings in their popular line of stylized Disney statues, for films like Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Wreck it Ralph, and many more, including some MCU ones. The Steamboat Willie in particular piqued my interest, as I am a pretty big Disney fan. They also had their popular mini-egg attack figures on display, including Deadpool, X-Men, and some Disney ones that I need to get my hands on. Their dynamic Jack Sparrow and DC figures look awesome as well. The main display however were their Egg Attack figures, of which there were many and awesome ones. The Captain Marvels look great, as do the Captain America and Doctor Strange from Infinity War.

You can check out all of the Beast Kingdom offerings down below.

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