Let's Take a Look at McFarlane Toys New DC Multiverse Superman Figure

McFarlane Toys shocked the figure world last year when they announced they had acquired the DC Comics toy license from Mattel. Since then, there had been little to no news about what they would offer, until ten days ago. It was then they revealed their first eleven figures and even vehicles in a new line dubbed DC Multiverse. Of those offerings, more than half were Batman-related, unsurprisingly. For those of us who do not worship at the alter of The Bat, there are a few things hitting the pegs. One such figure is Superman of course. Already hitting stores, we got our hands on the comics Superman, based on his Action Comics #1000 look. Let's see what Todd and the good folks at McFarlane Toys are doing with their DC figures.

As always, we start with the packaging. McFarlane Toys did a good job, if not a slightly boring one. The box is all about the figure, as it probably should be. This is great news for MOC collectors, as the entire figure is visible from the front. The back of the box features key art that the figure is based off of, along with other available figures on the bottom. This box will work well with bigger figures like a Bane or Clayface as well, you can see how much open space there is at the bottom from the figure tray.

This Superman also comes with a flight stand and collectible trading card, both nice touches. More flying characters should come with this pack-in, and it really adds to the overall experience with this particular Superman. Hear that Hasbro? We want less energy pieces, and more flight stands! The collectible card is even nice, it comes on heavy card stock and actually has a little heft to it.

Let's get to the figure. I will say this right off the bat: the pictures do not do this one justice. A lot has been made online about the jawline, and in photos I agree that it looks a tad…wonky. In person however, it works perfectly. It is almost like McFarlane Toys anticipated all the different poses you could get Kal in and made one head to fit em all. Ignoring the jaw, the rest of the headsculpt and figure in general are superb. My figure has nice, clean paint lines, no errant lines to speak of. He features 22 points of articulation, and for the most part they all work well. I do wish there was a thigh swivel, but its not a dealbreaker to me. The toe articulation on mine makes for some difficulty in some posing, because of the cape. The big sticking point for me is that plastic cape. In standing poses, it has zero give and is a nightmare to balance in some poses. Its a shame they didn't go soft goods there. As far as part swapping, the hands come on and off with ease. I am not a giant fan of the joint being painted blue, but again, not a big deal to me.

The other thing people have been arguing about with these figures would be the scale. These are 7 inches, so they will not match up with a lot of other figure lines, DC Comics or others. That sucks, especially since people have been collecting for a long time and wanted to seamlessly fit these into a bigger collection. For me personally, I am ok with it. But I am a lapsed DC collector, I am what McFarlane Toys are looking for. This is a new start for me, so hopefully this line is successful and I too can build out a great DC collection.

The flight stand MAKES this figure great. The best idea McFarlane Toys had was including one here, because this is what a Superman figure should look like on a shelf. It also makes the cape retroactively great, a cloth one might not sit right in a couple of these poses. He just looks so great floating off the ground like that. And look at that suit! I love the glossiness on the "S", the way the light hits it gives it a real epic feel. Without the flight stand, this figure is ok/good. With it? It becomes great. That is the way figures should be, the sum of what is in the box. Add all the elements together, and you get something great.

Let's Take a Look at McFarlane Toys New DC Multiverse Superman Figure


So, this figure excites me. It is exciting to me that people are talking about DC figures. It excites me that a new company has the license and is looking to take big swings with it. I love that they are including pieces like the flight stands. Mostly I am just happy to have DC Comics toys relevant again. Mattel did some ok things, but towards the end they were just playing out the string. McFarlane Toys looks like they are going to do good things with these. Only time will tell.

These are hitting retail now, or you can preorder them right here.

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