Marvel Legends New Windowless Packaging is Growing on Me

As toy companies fight for a greener future, change is upon the collecting community. This new initiative involves removing plastic from the packaging of collectibles and changing up the designs of their lines. Hasbro has been big on this by pushing more windowless packaging while showing off comic art, themed boxes, and actual figure photography. Some of Hasbro's lines will not be impacted by this change, like the Marvel Legends Retro line or (most of) the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection. However, plenty of lines have felt this change greatly, like the legendary Marvel Legends line, which now almost makes removing the figure a necessary feature. The new Disney+ Legends wave will be one of the last plastic window-featured waves for the line, and the current Spider-Man and Black Panther waves have already embraced this change. As these new figures are starting to arrive, I have found myself starting to like this new packaging.

Goodbye Windows, Hello Blind Faith

There is always resistance to change, and a change like this really does impact the future of collecting. Marvel Legends used to be a line we could see the figure and paint defects right from the jump, and now it is all based on blind faith. One thing that has grown on me is the smaller size than previous designs, which helps MOC (Mint on Card) display. Up next, the added comic book art with each figure, which is a helpful and fun addition in a situation like this. It was not really until these new first appearance Marvel Legends figures with Black Panther, Spider-Man, and, more specifically, the Walmart Exclusive Star-Lord that I really started to love the packaging.

One can not complain too much when it comes to saving the future of Earth, and Hasbro is doing a nice job as more of these window-less Legends release. Hell, I've had more issues with windowed figures lately with problems like cracked plastic from crappy retailing shipping, like Retro Lizard from Walmart. I do not see Hasbro returning back to the old ways of Marvel Legends, especially if it means saving money. Some of these windowless packaging has been updated to the times with new original artwork, like with the Hasbro Pulse exclusive  X-Men: The Animated Series line (here), as well as these new Spider-Man multi-packs. Designs like this really go a long way, and while those new Legends designs are not bad, they could be improved. I love the comic book artwork on these bigger packs, and I would love it added to the standard line of figures. However, this new packaging is simpler and smaller and still contains the figures we love.

New Packaging, New Art, Still the Same Marvel Legends

As a dedicated comic book fan, I am already in for the long haul with Marvel Comics, so it is really the reveals of these figures that sell them over the packaging. The Marvel Legends team is remarkable in promoting and showcasing these figures, and while I can not see the figure now, I know one is inside (hopefully). Whether you like it or hate it, this seems to be the future of collecting, so prepare for the change. Fans can always just stay with the 6" Retro Legends if they need that window in their life. Collectors can find all things Marvel Legends right here, including pre-orders for a massive assortment of new figures. 

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