Let's Take a Look at the Target Spider-Verse Marvel Legends Two-Pack

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is swinging into theaters next week, and while there have not been a ton of toys released, you know that there will be Marvel Legends figures produced if they can. Enter the Target exclusive figure two-pack with Miles Morales sporting his new duds from the film, and Spider-Gwen. Or Ghost Spider. Whatever the heck she is called now. This Marvel Legends pack is hitting store shelves now, and we got our hands on one. Let's take a look at it.

Packaging stays the same as it has for the Legends line for awhile now. However, MOC collectors will be happy with this color scheme. It is very vibrant and eye-catching, and since it has a giant window box, it shows of the figures very well. A nice box and it is nice that while the box itself doesn't change, they at least they do enough different with the graphics to keep collectors from getting bored.

Starting with Gwen, veteran Marvel Legends collectors will notice that these are pretty much just repaints of their original releases. Spider-Gwen comes with a maskless head sculpt and down hoodie piece, along with a web. If you have the earlier one, it is the exact same figure with some paint aps switched up. Weirdly, this new figure is worse. The legs on mine were incredibly difficult to maneuver, and in a recurring problem as of late, the right arm pops out if I tried to bend at the elbow joint. I actually had to take a knife to it and cut excess plastic off to get it to bend. It would have been nice to get an extra set of hands with her as well, like they included with Miles.

Miles is no picnic either. Also just a repaint to reflect his appearance in Spider-Verse, his legs were also bowed and a pain to get right when posing. The energy piece looks ridiculous on his arm, I will never use it with him again. Unlike Gwen, he comes with swappable hands, and it makes a ton of difference. Too many Spider figures are stuck with the web-shooting hand, and it is nice that you don't have to deal with that here. The head sculpt is awesome, and I like the new paint spray logo on the costume. It gives him a fresh look.

Overall, if you never picked up the single-pack releases of these two, this is an easy way to get both. Miles is a better figure, hopefully I just got a bad sample with Gwen. Look at that elbow in that last pic! That's enough to give one nightmares. For $40 though, check your figures in that gorgeous window box really well before purchasing.

Or, you can order one of these online right here, right now Marvel Legends fans.

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