McFarlane Toys Goes Plus Ultra With My Hero Academia Collectibles

My Hero Academia Season 5 has been amazing so far as we see Class 1A take on Class 1B. Both classes are loaded up with remarkable heroes, and it is always exciting to see them use their quirks. McFarlane Toys has been capturing the power of My Hero Academia in action figure form since 2019 and has been very popular. Their 7" figure line features high amounts of detail, and their Katsuki Bakugo even won Toy of the Year in 2019. Since the original release, we have seen a nice assortment of My Hero Academia collectibles release so far, and our friends over at McFarlane Toys sent us the newest 2021 figures. For 2021 we have seen some new additions to the My Hero line with new 5" and 12" figures, cosplay items, and more 7" releases featuring fan-favorite characters. So let's not wait any longer and Go Beyond with some of the newest McFarlane Toys My Hero Academia collectibles.

Up first is the brand new 5" figure line that currently only consists of three heroes with Deku, Bakugo, and of course, All Might. Each of these figures features 5 points of articulation but maintains a high amount of detail for each figure. For fans who want something smaller than a Funko Pop that will fit quite nicely in any collection, these are what fans will definitely want to pick up. I hope we can see McFarlane Toys expand this smaller line to more heroes and villains from My Hero Academia outside the usual cast. Each of these 5" Funimation figures can be purchased today and here, making them a perfect start for any My Hero Academia fan.

As for the 7" figures, McFarlane Toys was kind enough to send over 5 of their excellent creations with powered up One For All, Eijiro Kirishima, Izuku Midorya, Shoto Aizawa, and the elusive One For All depowered figure. Each figure is loaded with incredible details that bring the character right out of the screen. Each My Hero figure comes with accessories from swappable hands, heads, or attachable parts that can enhance play with each. While we could spend all day drooling over each figure, I wanted to take a closer look at one of my favorite characters, Shoto Aizawa. Eraserhead is a great character; it is always something special to see him in action throughout the anime. This figure captures the magic of him with a great sculpt, accessories, and articulation that makes him really stand out.

Eraserhead comes with two different heads and scarfs that allow him to switch between teacher to superhero modes. The sculpt on everything is very well done, and the dynamic feel of each will make him a great addition to any fan's collection. The same goes for the rest of the figures included, like Eijiro Kirishima, who comes with arms and headgear to show off his quirk in action. McFarlane Toys put some serious effort into these figures and will be a perfect collectible or gift for any fans of My Hero Academia. Each of these figures is hitting stores now, and fans can still find pre-orders online like here. Be on the lookout for our coverage of the Katsuki Bakugo Cosplay Gauntlets soon. Plus Ultra!

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