Todd McFarlane Talks New Spawn Figure Kickstarter Campaign

Comic book artist and creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane, took to social media today with a new video that can be watched here. The video talks about the great success of the previous Spawn figure Kickstarter campaign and answers the question if there will be a second one. While he does not directly come out and say yes, he does reveal a statue of Medieval Spawn. He then goes on to tell collectors and fans that if another campaign was to take place this is what the figure would be based on. He uses a statue of Medieval Spawn to show off the keen amounts of detail and the armored design that he wants to obtain in a 7" action figure. The first campaign was a monumental success and reached its goal and then some in a single day. The original Spawn campaign gave fans three different figures to choose from with Original, Modern, and Artist Proof designs being offered. I would imagine something along these lines in the second campaign giving each figure its own unique set of weapons and effects. Todd McFarlane does go on to mention he would like to see axes, swords, and shields with this figure as well as five different masked heads. One of the heads could possibly include articulated face shields to show Spawn's face underneath.

A combination of plastic and die-cast is what McFarlane Toys would love to see with this design and we would too. We did not get any specific date for this next Kickstarter campaign but it sounded like it would be sooner rather than later and with all the new hype for Spawn I'm not surprised. The photos we used above is not the figure, we are just simply showing off the design that was shown to give fans a reference for what to expect. It will be interesting to see what the campaign has in store and maybe we can start seeing more legendary Spawnverse designs come to life through Kickstarter. Would you like to see a 7" Medieval Spawn or would you like more of the original figure to appear?

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