NECA's Black & White Universal Monsters Wolf Man Is Incredible

When NECA revealed that they had the Universal Monsters license, there was one figure and one figure only that I wanted more than any other, and that is The Wolf Man. That was the first Universal Monsters film I saw way back when I was five, and it terrified me and made me a monster kid for life. An amazing figure of Wolf Man from that original film has been at the top of my figure wishlist for as long as I can remember, so when NECA showed off the first pics of theirs, I could hardly contain myself. Not only that, we got two versions! I have the color version already, and NECA sent over the black and white version for us to take a look at today, so thank you to them.

NECA Nailed The Wolf Man, To Nobody's Surprise

The Ultimate packaging is stellar as usual, from the classic key art on the front to the fig photography on the back. As always, I wish I was a MOC collector and could just stop here. I admire those of you who collect this way; I have seen some pretty kick-ass MOC NECA figure displays lately. I save my boxes, but it is just not the same, knowing the figure is not inside. I will snag another Wolf Man to keep MOC, however, since he is my favorite.

However, once you remove The Wolf Man from his plastic prison, you get an idea about just how special this line is and how much care is going into them. Lon Chaney comes to life in your hands when you take him out; I can't believe how well they nailed this portrait. The other Universal Monster releases so far are also great, but this is our first with a human face per se, and it is the best one yet. The colored version is the same, but I like these black and white versions better. This is how we were introduced to these versions of the iconic characters, and it just feels right seeing them this way. He comes with a bear trap, his cane, and interchangeable hands, feet, and heads, so you can keep him human if you like. The parts are super easy to switch out, and I think we can say that the days of having issues swapping parts on NECA figures are over. Of the two Wolf Man heads, I like the bared teeth one the most. Posing him is easy, and hopefully, we get a cool woodsy environment to put him in someday.

NECA's Black & White Universal Monsters Wolf Man Is Incredible

I love this figure; I have nothing bad to say about it. This is exactly what I have wanted and waited for since I was five years old, and I have to thank NECA for making one of my figure dreams come true. You can find this version in Target stores right now, as he was part of Haul-a-Thon earlier this year, and you can preorder one for yourself right here.

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