NECA Comic Con Panel Reveals: TMNT, Gargoyles, Horror, And More

NECA just wrapped up their big online Comic-Con panel on their YouTube channel, where they revealed some of what is coming in the fall in some of their most popular lines. Horror, Defenders of the Earth, TMNT, and Gargoyles were the big major focuses today, and they also revealed what would have been their SDCC exclusives that instead will be online and in retail stores soon. There was a lot revealed, so let's get to it now.

NECA Reveals Tons Of Everything, And They Are Not Done With TMNT, Horror, Or More This Week

The panel started with a look at their upcoming Griff figure from Back to the Future Part 2, which is looking perfect. He will come with a ton of stuff, but the only way I will display him is on his hoverboard. They also teased a 1985 Doc Brown and an accessories pack for the end of the year. We then moved into Defenders of the Earth, which surprised most with their popularity. New comic versions of the first three releases are coming and two exclusives: at Walmart, a Flash Gordon movie pack, and at Target, vintage style carded releases. Those are especially cool.

The next two figures from The Boys were teased, as Black Noir and A-Train were teased briefly. They will join Homelander and Starlight, who is in stores now.

Horror took up a lot of the middle of the panel. A new retro-clothed Chucky and Tiffany pack is coming later this year, and they said the life-size dolls would be there by the end of the year as well and worth the long wait. A second Macready is coming and more from The Thing next year for its 40th anniversary. For Predator, the last four of The Lost Tribes will be finished, and from Alien, three video game Xenomorphs in movie deco will be on the way. Gremlins fans have a demolition two-pack to look forward to, as well as a scientist. An Ultimate Creep from Creepshow will release next year, and the next Universal Monsters figure after The Wolf Man will indeed be The Mummy.

The main event for me besides all of the TMNT reveals is a new Ultimate two-pack of Michael Myers and Loomis from Halloween 2. This is the first time we have gotten an Ultimate Loomis, and they nailed it. He comes with swappable arms for both his trenchcoat look and his suit look, and Michael comes with attachable fire pieces.

For Gargoyles, NECA fully revealed Demona in all her glory after last month's tease while also teasing another figure coming soon who I must admit I am not sure who it was. I need to brush up on my Gargoyles.

The last half of the panel was all TMNT. Movie figures were first, where they revealed the Ultimate Casey Jones with the unmasked head. He will also come with updated articulation, especially in the elbows, so they look more natural than the first figure. We also got a full reveal of the Ultimate Shredder from TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze. He will come with a ton of accessories, a new cape, and a removable mask. Another repaint of the Super Shredder is also coming as a Walmart exclusive. They then teased again that they are heading into doing the Mirage figures, teasing Fugitoid. Finally, the cartoon line wrapped us up with looks at new two-packs for Dirtbag and Groundchuck, as well as Wingnut and Screwloose. Their final exclusive reveal is a four-pack of the Chanel 6 news team, which will be at Target and online at a later date soon.

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