Let's Take a Look at NECA's Fugitive Predator Figure

The Predator hits theaters this week, and as far as movie monsters go, some of the best action figures on the market are NECA's line of Predator figures. The first from Shane Black's new film, the Fugitive Predator, is in stores now. We were lucky enough to find one, so lets take a look at the latest in one of the most underrated figure lines around.

First, the packaging. All of their ultimate figures come in window box packaging, with a box flap so that MOC collectors can still see the figure, and boy does it never get old. They always nail the design, with great photos adorning all sides of the box. I also appreciate the extra restraints on the figure tray that they include. A home run all round.

Once you get him out of the box you instantly get a sense of how much effort is put into their figures. This version included two heads, swappable arms, a shoulder blaster, and blades for the arm gauntlets. The details on the armor are incredible, and the texture on his skin along with the paint aps make it look and feel quite real. He features a ton of articulation, which does take some getting used to but he will loosen up right away after messing around with him a bit. The only complaints I have ever about NECA is that it is a little difficult to swap parts on and off. Especially the heads. Its not a dealbreaker by any stretch, but a little annoying. Also, and this may just be my example, the shoulder cannon is useless. It falls off instantly, and I actively hate it.

Of the heads, I am in love with the maskless head sculpt. It almost looks like he is smiling! The dreads look awesome, and I love how the eyes are sunken in a bit but the color is so vibrant that light picks them up perfectly.

NECA Fugitive Predator 13

I am really in love with this figure. Other than the shoulder cannon, I have not real complaints, and it is one of my favorite releases in the line to date. From great deco, detailed armor, and two amazing head sculpts, this is a must-own.

If you would like one, you can order one for yourself right here. 

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