Scrubs Funko Pops Hit Stores in January

Scrubs Funko Pops are coming soon. The show ran for eight seasons on NBC and that is all. During those eight seasons, Scubs was very slapstick and heavy with fantasy, endearing it to viewers. They were never afraid to get serious either, some of the best episodes had some real gut punch endings. Season 1 especially had a couple heart-breakers. We are not here to talk about that however, we are here to see the Pops! Four characters will make up this wave.

Pay a visit to Sacred Heart Hospital where Pop!  J.D. and Turk work on
the ultimate bromance, Pop! Dr. Cox will probably yell at you and you
might overhear Pop! Elliot use her favorite bad word("frick").

But don't worry, you're in good hands… these doctors have hearts of gold.

While these four are a good start, they should also have done Carla and made it a wave of five to start. If we were creating waves after that, the next one should be Carla, The Janitor, Kelso, and The Todd. Wave three should be alternate versions of J.D., Turk, and Elliot, along with Ted. If they want to do an exclusive at some point, make the exclusive Rowdy the Dog. Basically what we are saying is that they need to keep this series going for while.

The first wave of Scrubs Pops will be available in January.

You can preorder these right here.

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