Skeletor Shogun Masters Figure Revealed For Mattel Creations

Skeletor is the subject of the latest Mattel Creations project, and this one is a doozy for fans of Masters of the Universe. Standing at over two feet tall is the Skeletor Shogun Masters figure. Modeled to look like the classic Shogun Warriors line of figures, the figure comes with his iconic havoc staff and eight missiles that can be used as ammunition or attach to the figure itself. A labor of love for Mattel's Ruben Martinez, you can see the love poured into the design to make it resemble those iconic toys from the '70s. You can see the awesome packaging and figure down below.

Shogun Skeletor Is The Figure I Never Knew I Needed

"To celebrate 75 years of Mattel's creative legacy and garage spirit, Mattel Creations was launched as a canvas for the most innovative creators of today and tomorrow. Mattel Creations, a global e-commerce and content platform, features curated items for sale, highlights creator collaborations – past and present, and offers a peek into the creative process. By offering these iconic brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and Masters of the Universe, Mattel invites the world to play with these brands – where toys are art, and art is inspired by toys."

I gotta say, this is one of the coolest Skeletor figures I have seen in a while. There is no shortage of them, that's for sure. Heck, this isn't even the first Skeletor made for Mattel Creations. But they nailed the design of this one, and the fact that you can launch his fist and missiles come out of the havoc staff have me feeling all kinds of nostalgic. It is like Mattel knew I have been jonesing for Shogun Warriors lately and plucked this out of my brain.

This figure will be on sale on Mattel Creations this coming Friday. I am not sure about the cost yet, but I would have to guess at least $150. Anything less than that, and it would be a steal.

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