Let's Take A Look At Hasbro's Snake Eyes GI Joe Classified Figures

Snake Eyes is now in theaters, and Hasbro is going all out for it. A whole new line of all ages figures are hitting stores, which we took a look at a few weeks ago. Now, however, is when the GI Joe collectors can get excited. The Classified line has some new additions, featuring Snake Eyes, Baroness, and Storm Shadow from the film, and the team at Hasbro was kind enough to send over the figures for us to take a look at. Let's do that now and see why even if you were not the biggest fan of the film, the Snake Eyes versions of these characters are worthy additions to your ranks.

Let's Take A Look At Hasbro's Snake Eyes GI Joe Classified Figures
GI Joe Classified

Snake Eyes Isn't Even The Best Figure

All three feature a ton of accessories and some swappable parts. They are a part of the main Classified line, as are the two Snake Eyes figures coming later on this fall. So completionists, you have no choice but to get these. When you open them up is when they really get a chance to shine through.

Baroness is up first, and boy, is she a great figure. Whatever buck this is needs to be the female buck at Hasbro going forward cause she is perfectly articulated and poses extremely well. Balance is an issue with most female figures, but not here. Regardless of weapon position or stance, Baroness is easy to strike an action pose with, and the machete blade sheaths on her back also do not limit movement. The face scan is dead-on, and the blacks on her costume are deep and spot on. That Cobra symbol really pops. This is a home run.

Snake Eyes is also a great figure. He will be pretty familiar to those that have earlier Classified figures of him, but the deco is changed to look more like the film version, and the Henry Golding face is okay. However, Snake Eyes should always have his helmet on, so even if the face scan was dead on, I wouldn't use that head. Again, like Baroness, balance is not an issue at all. The figure can get into some pretty sick kick poses, not to mention some great sword poses as well. The only thing missing is a gun, though I understand why this version does not have one.

FInally Storm Shadow is here, and while he is on par with Snake Eyes, his molded plastic bottom to his outfit limits his movement a tad. That is not to say that he is also capable of badass posing cause he really is. But it can look a little weird with that clothes piece getting in the way. Other than that, he is a fun figure as well. I like the tan wash on the costume, the maskless head is cool, and these, like all Classified figures, have no wasted space. Pretty much everything that comes in the box fits on the figure, and I love that.

Let's Take A Look At Hasbro's Snake Eyes GI Joe Classified Figures
GI Joe Classified

These are fantastic figures, and they deserve a place in any GI Joe collection. The Baroness is the runaway winner, though, and dare I say, might be the best Joe figures of the year right now. You can get an order in for these right here.


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